Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 24, 2013

94% Of Regents Exams Graded As Of 1 PM Monday

According to Gotham Schools, 6% of the city's Regents exams still need to be graded.

Tests are still being scanned by McGraw-Hill and teachers sat around the grading centers today with nothing to grade.

Wednesday is the last day of school.

I cannot remember a Regents exam grading season as chaotic as this one.

Will there be some accountability for the Tweedies who put this system into place and signed off on the contract with McGraw-Hill?


  1. In 16 years of teaching I cannot remember a day where I literally saw well over 20 subs called in to take the place of History teachers who were called to marking sites. Is McGraw-Hill paying the bill here. Many of us were also asked to do coverages today. Is McGraw-Hill paying this bill? Absolutely absurd.

    1. Incompetence at McGraw Hill and Incompetence at Tweed.

      But as Leonie noted tonight, no one will be held accountable.