Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 10, 2013

Interesting Article About Common Core In The NY Times

By definition, America has never had a national education policy; this has indeed contributed to our country’s ambivalence on the subject. As it stands, the Common Core is currently getting hit mainly from the right. Tea Party-like groups have been gaining traction in opposition to the program, arguing that it is another intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans by a faceless elite. While we don’t often agree with the Tea Party, we’ve concluded that there’s more than a grain of truth to their concerns.
The anxiety that drives this criticism comes from the fact that a radical curriculum — one that has the potential to affect more than 50 million children and their parents — was introduced with hardly any public discussion. Americans know more about the events in Benghazi than they do about the Common Core. 
For all its impact, the Common Core is essentially an invisible empire. It doesn’t have a public office, a board of directors or a salaried staff. Its Web site lists neither a postal address nor a telephone number. 

Gets at the secretive push to impose the federal curriculum and testing regimen while making it look like a state-driven effort.

How you go about something is as important as what you go about.

Common Core proponents have decided democratic debate about the standards should not be allowed.

Instead the standards MUST be imposed and the testing MUST take place as soon as possible in as wide an area around the country as possible.

Gee, I can't imagine why some people might see a conspiracy of faceless elites promoting an agenda by fiat.

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