Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 13, 2013

NY Times May Issue Mayoral Endorsement in June or July

This is really interesting:

The New York Times is starting its endorsement auditions early, with one Democratic mayoral candidate slated to meet with the editorial board for an endorsement interview next week, according to a Democratic source.

The Times' endorsements are usually released days before the election.

A veteran Democratic consultant said the last time the process was moved up like this was in 1977, to help a reform-minded liberal mayoral candidate named Mario Cuomo, who was running against Ed Koch.

According to Skurnik, "[I]n the past they have always endorsed a week or two after the interviews. Hard to see why they would interview in June and then wait until late August or September to endorse."

Wonder why they're thinking about endorsing so early?

Could they be looking to short circuit Weiner after enabling him in the first place with that soft magazine piece they did on him a few months back?

I'm betting they endorse Thompson.

I can't see them endorsing Weiner after the piece they ran on him today (plus the Twitter piece they're holding on him.)

Hard to see them endorsing Quinn either after the critical piece they did about her temperament a few months back either (although I could see a scenario where they decide Quinn is just enough Bloomberg and just enough "change".)

We'll see - we may not have long to wait.

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