Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arne Duncan, Joel Klein To Guest On Next Pitbull CD

Misogynist rapper/charter school operator Armando Perez, AKA Pitbull, has announced that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and former NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein will guest on his next cd.

Pitbull, who has worked with famed artists like Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and Enrique Iglesias on his albums, told Education Week that he is very excited to be working with two of his biggest education reform heroes on his next cd.

"Listen, I met these guys at some education reform thing and we were in the club after, you know, just hanging, bottle in each hand, when Arne says 'Hey, man, I love that thing you did with Enrique, that song Come and Go!  What do you think about me and Joel doing a song with you on your next album?'"

Pitbull said it seemed like a silly idea at the time, the Education Secretary and the former NYC Schools Chancellor guesting on a Pitbull album, but the more they talked about the idea, the more it grew on them.

"You wouldn't think it, you know," Pitbull told Education Week, "but Arne, Joel and me have a lot in common.  We're all excited by innovation, whether it's in music or education reform, we're all into making the free market work for us, and we're all into big, fat booties.  Especially Joel - no one loves tapping that shit more than him!"

Still, the idea of Duncan and Klein guesting on Pitbull's next cd wasn't without pitfalls.

"We couldn't decide in the beginning what song to do together," Pitbull explained.  "I'm doing an album of remakes with special guests, you see, so it had to be an old song of mine.  Joel wanted to do That's Nasty, which I did back in '04, or Juice Box, which is from '09, while I wanted to redo Culo, my first single, or Jungle Fever with them.  But Arne said "Naw, naw, we gotta do Everybody Fucks, man!  We gotta do Everybody Fucks!  That song is the shit!'  So that's what we decided to do.  It'll be out next week on iTunes, in stores the week after."

Klein, Duncan and Pitbull will be sharing the stage at The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools Conference this week, but Pitbull told Education Week they won't be rapping Everybody Fucks at the conference. 

"Nah," Pitbull said, laughing, "We won't be rapping.  We'll be talking about 'No Excuses!' education reforms at the conference.  And union busting, of course.  That's what we're there for.  But Joel and Arne like to hit the clubs after, look for the ladies, you know, so who knows?  There might be a little late night or early morning activity for us before it's all over!"


  1. I knew this guy was a tool I just didn't realize how small of a tool he was. Does he think this is giving his cred or does he think he's giving them cred? It's about as hip as a dj busting out a Will Smith raps CD at a party. Priceless.

    1. Maybe he thinks he's giving them cred. or maybe he's just doing it to promote his charter and cash in. Hard to say what goes on in this guy's brain, but whatever it is, it seems to have dollar signs on it.

  2. Seriously - what orifice did you pull this bullshit out of?

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