Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 28, 2013

Martha Stewart Wants To "Shag" Bill Gates

Don't drink any coffee while you're reading this or you might channel Danny Thomas:

Martha Stewart is no Paula Deen. Instead of buttering up her foods, Stewart’s been slowly buttering up the public, introducing a new side of herself that’s light and friendly.
A source tells Confidenti@l that over the past four months, the domestic diva has made a conscious effort to wear shorter skirts and say funnier things in an attempt to show people that it’s not just her oven that gets warm — and she’s enlisting the help of Bravo’s Andy Cohen to help with the makeover.

We’re told in early June, when Stewart, 71, held a talk at the 92nd Y in New York, she had one request — that Cohen ask the questions.
At that interview, Cohen got Stewart to play “Shag, Marry, Kill,” a naughty game where you have to choose whether you sleep with, marry, or off a celebrity. After he suggested Donald Trump, Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates, Stewart laughed.

“Trump kill. Bloomberg marry, definitely. And I would do Gates,” she replied.

She also admitted that she has sexted. When asked if she had ever had a threesome, she replied, “Maybe.”

Our source adds that in May, after Stewart had posted a personal ad on the dating site, she realized how much positive feedback she got just by opening up and showing she had a softer side.

“She’s trying to reinvent herself and realizes maybe the new Martha can appear approachable,” the source said. “Bethenny (Frankel) for 10 years had been chasing Martha and now Martha sees that reality TV can make you successful.” Frankel has said that she modeled her career after Stewart’s.

The source adds that off camera Stewart can be “hilarious.”

“There’s a sassy side to her. Her favorite phrase when she doesn’t like something is, ‘That’s disgusting.’”

Martha's right about one thing - all of this is "disgusting."

The image of Martha "shagging" Gates -  that sure counts.

You may find it difficult to see Bill Gates as a sexual being, but if you think about it, he's been screwing with public schools and teachers for years.

Okay you can go back to drinking your coffee.

Uncle Tonoose is not coming for dinner!


  1. This is way, way too much information about a celebrity/non-entity.

    Not only do I find it difficult to imagine Gates as a sexual being, I can't imagine him as a human being.