Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Michael Fiorillo Explains Why The Regents Grading Fiasco Was A Success From The DOE Perspective

From a comment Michael Fiorillo left at Ed Notes Online on the Regents grading mess:

The purported lack of trust is really an attempt at greater control and oversight over teachers. The system is called the McGraw CTB Evaluation (for the kids) and Monitoring (for the teachers) System.

It's there to time us, to rate us as "easy" or "hard" graders, and to see if our grades are within the range given by other teachers, or if a disproportionate number of the exams we grade require a third reader.

As always with the DOE, where does the incompetence end and the malice begin?

From the perspective of the DOE, they got what they wanted out of the Regents grading.

First, they took the test grading out of the hands of teachers, quite literally, by putting them online.

Second, they got to take teachers out of their schools and put into detention center cubicles, isolated from their colleagus and chained to their computers.

Third, they got to rate the graders, both for range but also for productivity, and call out those not working fast enough or grading the way they wanted.

Fourth, they got to hand close to $10 million dollars to an outside company, always a plus for the Tweedies when they can hand money out to the testing industrial complex.

I'm sure the Tweedies wish that the scanning issues and computer glitches hadn't happened, but I bet they're willing to give both themselves and McGraw-Hill a pass for those.

As Michael noted in his comment, this was all about greater control and oversight of teachers.

Since that was the goal of the system, they can consider this a "heckuva job, mission accomplished!"

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