Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anthony Weiner's Lucky He's Not A Teacher - Ben Chapman Would Have To Write About Him

I eagerly await Ben Chapman's Daily News article investigating Anthony Weiner's Twitter communications with a seventeen year old female two years ago.

You see, Ben specializes in writing sensationalized articles in the Daily Mirror, er, News, on "pervert teachers" - even one's who have been cleared of wrongdoing.

But who cares if these teachers were cleared of the allegations?

For Ben Chapman and his corporate masters at the Daily News, the allegations alone are enough to prove guilt.

But while Ben's on the "pervert teacher beat" again, I suggest he ought take a closer look at former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his Twitter communications with a then-seventeen year old two years ago.

Weiner was communicating with this seventeen year old via Twitter at the same time he was sexting with other women and sending them pictures of his penis over his Twitter account.

Weiner claimed he never sexted with the seventeen year old, sent her any photos of a sexual nature or had any inappropriate communications with her, but he said the same thing about Ginger Lee, the porn actress who did indeed receive sexual communications and photos from Congressman Weiner.

When one of those photos was sent out to his entire Twitter feed, Weiner tried to get Ginger Lee to lie about the matter, even offering her his p.r. team to help her craft lies to feed to the media.

Lee declined that help and told the truth, helping to put an end to Weiner's Congressional career.

Given how Weiner tried to get Lee to lie about their sexual communications on Twitter and continued to lie about the matter himself until no one believed his b.s. anymore and he was finally forced to tell the truth, the claims Weiner has made about his Twitter communications with the seventeen year old bear some scrutiny.

Weiner's now running for mayor and has placed first in the latest Marist poll for the Democratic primary and second in the latest Quinnipiac poll.

If Weiner were elected mayor, he would be the head of the NYC school system.

It is quite possible that the head of the NYC school system could be a man who sexted with a seventeen year old a few years ago.

Seems to me this would be a story right up Ben "'Pervert Teacher' Beat" Chapman's alley, but so far, he is too busy going after teachers who have been cleared of wrongdoing to look into the Weiner matter.

The DN covered the Weiner/17 year old story a little a few years ago.

How about getting Ben Chapman and Campbell Brown back on that beat and getting to the bottom of that story?


  1. "Getting to the bottom" of that story? Please spare us such imagery in the future, RBE. Consider that yesterday was last day of school, many teachers were out late celebrating, and may open their eyes to read that. Consider also that I'm a regular reader, and far too sensitive to contemplate such things at any time whatsoever.

    1. Well, the good news is, since Weiner is not a teacher , Ben "Where Are The Pervert Teachers?" Chapman and Campbell "Never Heard Of Those KJ Sexual Predator Allegations" Brown will never go after him.