Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Oldie But Goodie: Michael Mulgrew On Why John King Was A Great Figure To Impose A NYC Teacher Evaluation System

A post I wrote back on May 30, 2013, as we awaited the system that "independent arbitrator" John King would impose on NYC teachers:

Mulgrew On King's Evaluation System: We Supported And Shaped This Piece Of Shit (UPDATED)

Mulgrew is spinning the evaluation system decision already:

Dear colleagues, 
Late on Saturday, June 1, State Education Commissioner John King is expected to release an evaluation plan for K-12 teachers in New York City. It will be done through a binding arbitration process and take effect in September. 
The mayor and the DOE will no doubt try to spin Commissioner King’s decision to their advantage. The UFT staff will be working through Sunday to get accurate information about the new system out to you by Monday morning in a form that is both clear and concise. 
The process to create a new evaluation system has been long and contentious. The final decision came to rest with the commissioner because the city Department of Education proved incapable of negotiating in good faith with us. 
The UFT and the DOE each submitted lengthy proposals to the State Education Department on May 8. Arbitration hearings are taking place in Albany today and tomorrow. Commissioner King will consider the proposals and decide on the final evaluation system on June 1. 
We have the opportunity to use our collective-bargaining rights to modify aspects of the evaluation plan during future contract negotiations. Practically speaking, since we are in fact-finding now, if any changes were negotiated, they would not take effect until the 2014-15 school year. 
Because the commissioner’s plan must be in accordance with the 2010 state law on teacher evaluation that this union supported and helped shape, we expect it to be fair, professional and focused on teacher development to the benefit of our students. The new evaluation system as set out in state law is designed first and foremost to help teachers improve their skills throughout their careers. Teachers who are struggling will get support tailored to their individual needs. 
We have our work cut out for us in September, given this DOE’s terrible track record of translating policy to practice compounded with the fact that they will probably be gone come Jan. 1. We have started working on a professional development plan and we will use our rights to make sure that the new system is implemented fairly. It is a big help that we already have an appeals process for New York City teachers nailed down that will give our members stronger due process rights than they have ever had. 
I hope this email clarifies where we are and what we can expect. Working together, we will make this transition. You can count on your union to continue to fight to get you the support you deserve. Thank you for all that you do for our city’s schoolchildren. 

Michael Mulgrew
Michael Mulgrew

Let's repeat - the union supported and helped shape this piece of shit.

Remember that next year when the nightmare commences.

This is Mulgrew's system - he supported APPR, he helped design the SLO's, he promoted growth models, he signed off on the VAM's.

And let's not forget that he gladly conceded power to John King, NYSED Commissioner/rookie teacher, to act as an independent arbitrator in this when King is anything but that.

This is Mulgrew's piece of shit all around.

Remember who to blame when this piece of shit splatters next year.

Not Cuomo.

Not Bloomberg.

Not King.


He could have fought this, he could have issued an alternative vision to APPR.

He instead chose to support it.

The problem will not be with implementation by the DOE.

The problem will be with the system itself.

The problem will be that our union helped design it and supported it all the way through.

UPDATE: Very good piece at NYC Eye on the difference between the Buffalo Teachers Federation and the United Teachers Federation in dealing with APPR.

Just more evidence that Mulgrew wants this APPR system.

Does that sound like the kind of letter a union leader with no confidence in NYSED Commissioner King would write?

Nope - sounds like the kind of letter a union leader who supported John King and was happy King was going to impose his own evaluation system onto NYC teachers would write.

Tell me, have you seen any public statements since May 30, 2013 that would make you think Mulgrew is ready to throw his pal John King or the figure behind giving King his imposition power - Andrew Cuomo - under a bus 8 months later?

I haven't.

Yeah, Mulgrew has offered some "mild" criticism of the CCSS roll-out, but just October 30, 2013 he was still expressing support for Common Core and the SED reform agenda.

Even the "criticism" Mulgrew offered was the same stuff King was admitting was a problem - like the K-2 testing.

Mulgrew and the UFT are still blaming Bloomberg for many of the problems we're dealing with in schools - they have yet to point fingers at Commissioner King, Regents Chancellor Tisch or Governor Cuomo for their parts in the mess.


  1. Randi Weingarten's cabana boy. Along with the rest of the Unity slug team. All for them, none for us.

    When will the rank and file get that this affects them in the classroom, in their life, and their future?