Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cuomo Rakes In Big Bucks From Eva Moskowitz's Success Charters

Gee, I wonder what they want for all this money?

Supporters of a charter-school network in Mayor de Blasio’s cross hairs are pouring big bucks into the campaign coffers of Gov. Cuomo, a friend of charter schools.

Records show board members at the growing Success Academy, which runs 22 charters in the city, have given $375,367 to Cuomo’s re-election campaign — including $90,000 since de Blasio won the mayor’s race last year.

Success is run by de Blasio nemesis Eva Moskowitz.

Contributors aren’t shy about their reasons. Cuomo backs charters, and de Blasio’s anti-charter rhetoric scares them.

“Mayor de Blasio is an extremist. There’s no other way to put it,” Success board member Charles Strauch told The Post. “De Blasio is out to take money from the rich and redistribute it. He’s made it very clear. It’s my own way of expressing support for Cuomo.”

Strauch, a businessman and schools philanthropist, added that charters were a major factor in his support of Cuomo.

“Would I give any money to de Blasio? Absolutely not. No way. I won’t be giving money to him. It is important to support politicians who have stated their support for the charter system,” Strauch said.

Cuomo alreeady plans to pay them back for all their largesse:

Cuomo, for his part, is proposing to expand the role of charter schools.

He spoke at a fundraiser before the pro-charter Democrats for Education Reform in November, where he took in $250,000 for his re-election. In January, the group kicked in another $14,000 through its political action committee.

And in return, Success is backing Cuomo's pre-K plan over de Blasio's:

The group’s executive director, Joe Williams, said charter backers are “baffled” by de Blasio’s refusal to allow the state to fund universal pre-K, as offered by Cuomo. The mayor wants pre-K paid for by a tax hike on the wealthy, which he says is a more reliable revenue source.

“He seems to be showing signs that he’s more interested in the tax increase than providing pre-K,” Williams said.

Why would the UFT leadership continue to try and cultivate a close relationship wit this governor, friend of Success Charters, when his intents toward the public education system are quite clearly reformy in all ways?

Dunno, but that is apparently why they're going to stick a shiv into Dick Iannuzzi and the NYSUT leadership - because they want to remain close to Cuomo and be his buddy.


  1. So an "extremist" is,someone one who wants to,charge millionaires and billionaires rent,to use city property to further their profits-while taking precious resources from other kids?

    The saddest part of all of this,is that many Americans automatically will buy into this-due to the Blue vs Red tag team match that is America.

    1. An extremist is anybody who doesn't agree with Andy Cuomo. He is, after all, "the Government."

  2. too bad they do not get how we all felt when Bloomberg was in charge..

    1. To be honest, I haven't noticed any change in our treatment now that Bloomberg is gone.

  3. So, they take in tax dollars and turn around and use them to lobby to get more tax dollars

    1. Yup - nice work if you can get it. On, plus a $350,000+ salary for CEO Eva.