Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sure To Make Daily News Editors And Governor Cuomo Sad

The Daily News seems to hate the idea of a tax increase on individuals making $500,000 or more in NYC to pay for Mayor de Blasio's universal full day pre-K proposal almost as much as Governor Cuomo hates it.

Both Cuomo and the DN editors will be saddened by this news:

A number of real estate executives have come out today in support of Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s plan to tax high-earners to fund universal prekindergarten and after-school programs, representing the latest group of executives to join a grassroots campaign called UPKNYC, Commercial Observer has learned.

The new backers include David Von Spreckelsen, division president of Toll Brothers; Don Capoccia, founder of BFC Partners; Christopher Havens, co-chair of Brooklyn Real Estate Roundtable; architect Jonathan Kirschenfeld; Tom Montvel-Cohen, president of the DUMBO Business Improvement District; Jonathan Marvel, founder of Marvel Architects; David Behin, president of investment sales at MNS Real Estate; Jerome Kretchmer, founder of The Kretchmer Companies; and Century 21 Department Stores.

“The time is now to make a proven investment in New York City’s children,” Mr. Spreckelsen said in a prepared statement. “We have a smart, fair plan on the table that, by asking a little more of the city’s most successful, will secure our economic prosperity for decades to come. I’m proud to support New York City’s plan and urge our leaders in Albany to do the same.”

Mr. de Blasio is calling for a five-year increase in city income tax on those earning in excess of $500,000 to 4.41 percent from 3.876 percent, which would yield approximately $530 million in new revenue. Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants the state to pay for the education initiatives using existing revenues.


 Other endorsements of Mr. de Blasio’s plan have come from Jed Walentas, principal of Two Trees Management; David Kramer, principal of The Hudson Companies; real estate developer Leonard Litwin (who is also Mr. Cuomo’s single largest campaign donor); and Don Peebles, CEO of the Peebles Corp., according to news reports.

How dare these wealthy real estate executives shill for raising taxes on rich people to pay for pre-K when neither Governor Cuomo nor DN editors want wealthy NYers to be the target of such a Socialist proposal!

Good thing these people are already wealthy or Cuomo and the DN editors would really take it out on them.


  1. Holy sh__!!!! For all those who know BDB has deep ties to the RE lobby and who thinks he'll be a shill for them .... Remember this..NYC Real Estate lobby helped BDB's agenda. I've never seen a private sector industry do this for a elected politician they have deep ties with. This may signify a real paradigm shift in how NYC government does business.