Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Governor Cuomo Will Fund After School Programs Through Gambling Losses

Come on seven, mamma needs junior to get that after school SAT prep class!

Buried in the Daily News article reporting that Governor Cuomo is funding universal full-day pre-K across the state for the year, attempting to cut off Bill de Blasio's campaign pledge that NYC will fund its own universal full-day pre-K by raising taxes on individuals who make more than $500,000, is this:

In addition, officials say, Cuomo will propose another $720 million over five years in revenues generated by new casinos to fully fund after-school programs statewide.

So, hey, all you grandmas with your cups full of slot machine coins and all you degenerate gamblers who have a habit of spending the rent money at the blackjack table, you're doing the right thing by New York State's children.

It's your gambling losses that will fund their after school programs for the next five years (so long as you lose big, of course - Cuomo has calculated he needs $720 million in "gambling revenue" to pay for this.)

Another regressive tax from Governor 1% forever screwing the working people and middle class of this state so he can cut taxes on rich people.


  1. we don't need 4 yr olds in school, we need smaller class sizes and art and music classes for them already there, and lot's of voluntary after school turtoring- for parents as well. But I guess ya got to start 'em early to get 'em used to the drudgery

    1. Common Core them at four - that's perhaps the scheme from Sheriff Andy's side. I'll give BdB the benefit of the doubt on that for now.