Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eva Moskowitz's "Middle East War"

Rachel Monahan and Ben Chapman in a piece about Eva Moskowitz and her charter school company have this doozy:

For eight years, she’s been the lightning rod of the charter movement, raising millions from hedge funders and foundations as she aggressively worked her close connections to the Bloomberg administration to take over space in public schools.

She has compared that battle for space to a “Middle East war.”

One question to ask about this :

Which side in the "Middle East war" had a direct line to Joel Klein to get them exactly what they want when they want? 


  1. So, public school students are akin to Palestinians. What a Classy Lady.

    It's fitting, when you think about it, since just as the Israelis have built a wall to confine the Palestinians within their own territory, public school students are not allowed to trespass upon the manicured grounds of Eva's private charter colonies.

    And just as the Israeli government receives billions of dollars in US military aid, so too does Eva receive generous subsidies from the DOE, at the expense of public school students.

    When does the Intifada begin?

    1. Amazing she has the gall to go with this analogy. Really does show where she's coming from.

  2. As a Jew, I am appalled that Moskowitz is so sure of herself that she invokes the situation in the middle east. Her actions, along with those of far too many other reformers, does not shed a positive light on the people of the book.
    Please let's be aware that there is a very strong movement for peace in Israel. Let's also be conscious of the long lasting between a rock and a hard place political quagmire for Israel and the historical background that created this mess to begin with.

    1. She really is sure of herself with this analogy, that's for sure. I'm not interested in getting into Middle East politics at Perdido Street School anymore than I want to argue Northern Ireland or Kosovo. But I too find it appalling that she was willing to use this to support herself.

  3. Strange she would make such a gaffe...unless she meant it.

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