Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sheriff Andy Cuomo Is Dubbed The "Education Governor"

Capital Tonight reports that an NYSUT analysis shows 69% of school districts will be receiving less aid in Cuomo's proposed budget than they got in 2009.

The Cuomo administration defended the budget proposal thusly:

On WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom this morning, Cuomo’s top aide Larry Schwartz defended Cuomo’s education plan, saying the focus should be on the students. He called Cuomo “an education governor” multiple times.

“Everyone is focused on the wrong thing,” Schwartz said. “Everyone should be focused on the kids of New York state.”

Have you got that?

So what if Cuomo, the Regents and the State Education Department have imposed many more mandates since the 2009-2010 - including the very expensive APPR teacher evaluation mandate that imposes so much extra testing and extra compliance work and is running districts a pretty penny.

So what if the tax cap has hindered most districts around the state from raising funds to meet the new mandates.

So what about those things, because only Sheriff Andy Cuomo, the state's official "student lobbyist," is focused on the needs of the students, as opposed to the needs of those greedy, selfish adults who want silly things like money to pay for Cuomo's APPR evaluation system components.

More arrogance from the Cuomo administration, more jive proposals, more jive overall.

Cuomo is the "education governor" of the state?

In what bizarro world does that state exist?

Right now, Andrew Cuomo presides over an education establishment that is facing a growing statewide rebellion over the Common Core implementation, the overtesting imposed by the SED and the Regents, the APPR teacher evaluation system that mandates so much of that extra testing, and the inBloom data project which Cuomo and his state minions refuse to allow parents to opt out of.

All of those firefights going on in NY State, parents and teachers up in arms over all of these issues, students complaining at the Common Core townhalls how much they hate school in the Common Core Era, and Cuomo has the audacity to have one of his functionaries dub him repeatedly the "education governor"?

How's that for unmitigated gall?

Andrew Cuomo - the "Governor of Gall."

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