Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shelly Silver Backs John King, Says He "Has Confidence" In Merryl Tisch

So much for relying on the Legislature to put a stop to the ravages being caused by the SED/Regents reform agenda:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told reporters in Albany on Tuesday there should be a slower implementation of the Common Core standards, but declined to say if there should be a legislative fix to its issues.

Rather, the speaker said he is waiting to see the implementation recommendations from the state Board of Regents.
“At first blush we’d like to see a sensible implementation plan from the Board of Regents,” Silver said, adding: “I await their determination. I think it’s something that belongs in the purview of the Regents.”
Asked if he backed Education Commissioner John King, Silver said he did, adding he also “has confidence” in Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch.

In other words, Silver doesn't want to do anything if he can help it, he still backs his childhood friend, Merryl Tisch, and nothing of substance is going to change in NY State education policy until some of these Legislators are made to pay a political price for their support of the reforms.

Clearly, the political establishment is not worried enough beyond feeling the need to pay lip service to the concerns of parents and teachers around the state over CCSS, APPR, testing and inBloom.

More work to do to make these politicians realize if they support the reforms, they pay a stark political price.

We'll get there - the longer the reform agenda goes on, the more people who join the anti-reform side.


  1. This is exactly what I have been telling you all along: no risk to their political careers=no change to the education agenda. They are doing exactly what Bloomberg would do in letting the people yell and scream and then going ahead as before. You are an astute political observer, Mr. Reality. Please don't be fooled when people rise up a little. It will take more than that to change this as there is too much money involved in ed deform.

    1. The more they try the clampdown, the more parents will rise up in the state - especially in Westchester, Long Island, etc. That WILL become a problem for them before everything is all said and done. I agree that reform can go on forever in urban areas and nothing much will change. We've seen that for 10+ years now. But affluent parents in the suburbs aren't going to stand for the same.