Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 27, 2014

Space Aliens, Yellow Dust And Stars On The ELA Regents...

Normally when I finish proctoring the ELA Regents and see some of my students outside the building after the test, they say that test wasn't so bad, here's what I wrote for this part, etc.

Today when I saw students outside the building, they all said "What was up with that test?"

I also heard:

"What was up with those passages?"

"I wasn't sure about that quote..."


"What was that yellow dust thing about?"

We'll see what the grading chart looks like, but if it looks anything like the charts from last January, June or August, the passing percentages for this ELA Regents exam season aren't going to be too high.

I'll wait to see the scoring chart before I declare today's ELA Regents exam a deliberate doubling down on low test scores in NY State.

But judging by the reaction of students after the test, it's not looking so great.


  1. Yeah - going to be rare to find a 2/2 on that part of the Regents exam when the grading is done.

  2. Agreed. Ugly tasks 26 and 27. It feels like doubling down. But then again, I'd tell you to take a gander at the high school anchor texts, where the Communist Manifesto is an alternate text for English 11 and The Awakening closes out the year. But the link disappeared since this morning. Interesting.

    1. It was doubling down - just saw the grading chart. Going to be high failure rate.

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