Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Regents Grading Hell

If you're reading this post anytime around 7:30 AM when I had it scheduled to be posted, then you're reading it long after I left for my ELA Regents exam grading assignment.

You see, the NYCDOE sent the teachers in my department to a school almost as far away from our school on the island of Manhattan as you can get without being:

a) in the Bronx

b) in the East River or

c) on the FDR Drive in a little cubicle on a walkway over the road.

It's nice and cold too, so not only do I get to enjoy a commute that is three times my normal commute time, but I also get to enjoy a nice brisk half mile walk from the train station to the grading site.

In any case, I had to leave extra, extra early to get to the grading site and enjoy a half day of grading instructions and "norming" (how's that for an Orwellian term?) before we'll be sent back to our own school for, well, I don't know for what.

Then it's back to three days of the triple-time commute and the half mile walk to the site - all to grade an exam that many students, in both my estimation and the estimation of many ELA teachers I have talked to, are going to fail because the NYSED set it up that way (not unlike last year's Common Core tests.)

See you in a few hours.


  1. Remember too that the philosophical lynchpin of these normapaloozas is the ed reformer assertion that teachers are too shiftless and untrustworthy to simply grade their own exams. It's great to be treated like a professional and an adult. Oh wait...

  2. I went to my school for norming or whatever. One problem. No one told the teachers at the school we were assigned to. Turns out, they were not prepared because there was no norming to do, since the test we were to train for was just being given out that day. Classic DOE.

  3. Anon 2:17,
    Shows what happens when you put non professionals in charge of the DOE.
    First order of business for Farina: purge the non-educators from DOE. As Chaz said Monday, supervisors must have minimum no of years as teachers. Anyone in position above principal must have a minumum no of years as a principal.
    Geo Karo,