Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 10, 2014

Chris Christie's Hypocrisy

It seems a 17 point deficit is something Christie can get invested in but a 20 point deficit is a "lost cause":

With Republicans defending 22 of the 36 governors’ seats up for election next month, Gov. Christie faces competing demands as chairman of the Republican Governors Association in deciding where to spend his time and the group’s money.

So is it a wise investment for Christie to campaign for Gov. Corbett, who is running 17 points behind Democratic challenger Tom Wolf in a poll released this week?

“Tom Corbett’s never lost a race,” Christie said at a news conference today in Trenton, hours before he is due to appear at a Corbett rally outside Philadelphia in the Main Line suburb of Wayne. “Tom Corbett has never been ahead in the polls, except for his last race near the end. So no, I’m not ready to give up on Tom Corbett, by a long shot.”

He said Corbett has “a proven track record not only as governor, but also a proven track record as a campaigner and a vote-getter, having won three statewide races before when he was an underdog in at least two of them.” Corbett was elected to two terms as Pennsylvania’s attorney general before he became governor in 2011.

Christie previously stirred controversy for saying he wouldn’t devote resources to New York Republican Rob Astorino’s campaign challenging Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo because “we don’t invest in lost causes.” Astorino trailed Cuomo by 20 points in a poll released this week; Christie has not campaigned on the Republican’s behalf.

The New Jersey governor will make his third appearance on Corbett’s behalf today at a 4 p.m. rally at the Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne.

The reality here is, Christie has some unholy alliance with Andrew Cuomo that ensures he won't help out Cuomo's opponent, Rob Astorino, no matter what the deficit.

There is some conjecture that Cuomo has dirt on Christie over Bridgegate, so Christie wants to keep Cuomo happy in order to keep that dirt under the rug.

In any case, you can bet even if a poll showed Astorino down 15 points and Corbett down 20, Christie would still be stumping for Corbett and refusing to stump for Astorino.

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