Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Now We Know Why Cuomo Is Running The Education Ad

I've blogged a few times about Cuomo's latest campaign ad, which is focused on education and makes the claim that he has pushed for a five year moratorium on Common Core consequences for students (a lie - the moratorium is two years) and is opposed to "over-testing" (also a lie - his APPR teacher evaluation system causes much of the over-testing by forcing teachers in every grade in every subject to be evaluated using both state and local tests and assessments.)

You can see those posts here, here and here.

The ad, which shows Cuomo helping his daughter with her homework, was clearly aimed at women, with it's soft focus photography, Cuomo all dressed in white amid a holiday background (even the pumpkins are white), and the text assuring voters "Education is the gift we give our children..."

Clearly Cuomo is trying to shore up his support among women with this late election cycle ad - and here's why.

Per the latest Siena poll, Cuomo's support among women is what's keeping him afloat:

According to the poll, 54 percent of voters view Cuomo favorably, while a record high 43 percent view him unfavorably.

Voters also have a harsher assessment than ever of the governor’s performance, the poll found. A record high percentage—25 percent—said they thought Cuomo had done a “poor” job in office so far, while the percentage who said they believed his performance had been “good” stood at 34 percent, his lowest numbers on that question since he took office. Nine percent said they thought Cuomo was doing an “excellent” job while 32 percent rated his job performance as “fair,” the poll found.

Cuomo is far more popular among women, according to the poll. Sixty-five percent of the women questioned hold a favorable view of the governor, compared to 32 percent who have an unfavorable view of him. Among men, the poll found 41 percent had a favorable view of Cuomo, while 56 percent had an unfavorable opinion.

Cuomo's approval among women is growing. A Siena poll taken in late September found 59 percent of female voters viewed him favorably.

In recent months, the governor has sought to strengthen his support among women by creating the Women’s Equality Party, and his campaign recently began airing ads featuring his three daughters and girlfriend, celebrity chef Sandra Lee, promoting the party and a package of legislation called the Women’s Equality Act.

Apparently the Women's Equality Party Cuomo created is garnering support from some female voters.

Maybe that's why Cuomo is driving around in a bus that looks like a box of tampons.

At any rate,the education ad is the latest salvo to ensure those numbers in female support don't crater before Election Day for him.

Because if his support among female voters fell to his support among male voters, he'd be in trouble.

That his education ad full of lies and deceptions - well, that's just Cuomo doing what he does best.

He's saying anything to win on Election Day.

You can be sure that the Wednesday after the election, he'll drop all this Women's Equality Party stuff, as well as the concerns over Common Core and "over-testing" and go right back to governing the way he did in the first term.

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