Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Michael Bloomberg: Compulsory Military Service Can Solve Public Education Problems

Michael Bloomberg made this stunning pronouncement at West Point a few months before he left office:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg backed compulsory military service at an event last year, according to a report from Capital New York.

“I've always thought the only solution to our education problems in this country is compulsory military service, where if you do nothing else but teach people what they should have learnt in the public school system, you would make an enormous difference in this country,” he said.

The mayor was speaking to a group of young cadets at the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., less than two months before he left office. Capital obtained a video of the event through a Freedom of Information Act Request.

Does this mean the public school system should be teaching children:

A) How to march?

B) Do jumping jacks at 4 in the morning?

C) Fire weapons?

D) Pilot drones?

E) Invade countries?

F) Take orders and be sent to the stockade when they don't follow them?

No disrespect to people in the armed services, but just what does Bloomberg think compulsory military service can teach children that public schools should have taught them but didn't?

The military is one thing, public schools are another.

No wonder Bloomberg loves "No excuses!" charters like KIPP, Uncommon Schools and Success Academies so much.

They treat the children like they're in the army, making them march up and down the halls and stairs silently, turn on a dime when teachers snap their fingers and otherwise impose "discipline" onto the children.

Bloomberg's ultimate fantasy is a country where everybody takes orders.

That's clear from the statements he makes and the way he ran the city.


  1. The most ironic thing about his ridiculous statement is that he said it at West Point to a group of cadets. The vast majority of military soldiers in the USA are AGAINST mandatory service. They know that a volunteer military force is composed of professional soldiers who want to be soldiers. A conscription military such as what Bloomturd proposes faces many problems such as low morale, unmotivated soldiers, a lack of respect for authority, no desire to be there in the first place. Our outstanding military has been a volunteer force for the majority of it's presence since our country was founded. Yes, all able men have to register for selection service in the event that a massive war breaks out. However, an all volunteer force is proved to be the best for the security of our land. Bloomturd once again has no idea what the heck he is talking about.

  2. Its truly a shame that the little tyrant wasn't drafted to serve in Vietnam.
    Little punk.