Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 18, 2014

NYCDOE Tech Consultant Arrested For Cocaine Trafficking - Why Is Bloomberg Not Blamed?

This would be one of Bloomberg's vaunted tech consultant hires:

Two Bronx men, including a city Department of Education tech consultant, were busted by the feds for cocaine trafficking, authorities said Friday.

Yinmi Rodriguez, 27, who has been employed in a Bronx high school since 2008, used city computers to track the UPS delivery of the dope from Puerto Rico to the Bronx, officials said.

More than 11 pounds of cocaine were"intercepted" by police.

Rodriguez has been on leave from his DOE gig since April 2013.

Let's see, Bloomberg's NYCDOE hired a guy who beat a teenager to teach teenagers and a guy who used NYCDOE computers to track cocaine shipments.

Let's imagine what stories the press would write if these were de Blasio's hires.

And yet, as always, Bloomberg is let off the hook - no accountability for the "Accountability Mayor."


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