Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cuomo Says He's Imposed His APPR Teacher Evaluation System On Teachers "Out Of Respect"

It's only love if it hurts - that's Cuomo's message.

In his 245 page blueprint for the "new" New York released yesterday, Cuomo spends a few pages talking about "teacher excellence."

Here's my favorite part:

Out of respect for the critical role of teachers and to enhance the teaching profession, Governor Cuomo has made teacher excellence a centerpiece of his education policy.

Cuomo's plan goes on to say that's why teacher evaluations have been a centerpiece of his education reform agenda.

That' right - forcing teachers to be rated on their students' test scores via the voodoo VAM that NYSED puts together is a sign of respect and a desire to "enhance the teaching profession."

Never mind that actual educators - teachers and administrators - hate the system and say it doesn't work (see here.)

Cuomo says the evaluation system is the best in the country, but he has plans to "strengthen" it in the next term because far too many teachers are getting "effective" and "highly effective" ratings.

So "out of respect" for you teachers, Cuomo plans to make sure more of you are rated "developing" and given performance improvement plans or rated"ineffective" and fired.

There's some "respect" I can do without.

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