Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 24, 2014

What It Took To Get Cuomo On Morning Joe And Other Media Outlets

Why, an Ebola case in New York, of course.

Cuomo appeared on five different morning shows today to "allay fears" around a reported Ebola case in NYC.

These shows were CNN's "New Day", NBC's "The Today Show", "CBS This Morning," Channel 5's "Good Day New York," and MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

The Morning Joe Show had been trying to get Cuomo on since the summer when they hammered him over his Moreland Commission tampering.

But Cuomo wouldn't go on the program because he didn't want to deal with public criticism.

Instead he appeared on Fox Business Channel for a softball interview with his friend, Maria Bartiromo.

Today he was safe to go on these morning shows because he knew he would never be asked anything other than how New York was handling the first reported Ebola case in the state.

If somehow someone did ask a non-Ebola question, he could deflect it by saying this wasn't the time for anything non-Ebola-related.

So Cuomo seemed quite eager to go on these morning programs and play "Highly Competent/Efficient Chief Executive" for the nation - other than the FOX program, these were all national shows he appeared on.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Cuomo's New York approval numbers rise in the next slate of polls as a result of this morning's TV performances.

Also wouldn't be surprised to see Cuomo's national numbers rise a bit too.

Unless something goes wrong with the way city and state officials handle the Ebola case here, it's a ready-made opportunity for Cuomo to spike some approval ratings.

The cynic in me says that's what's uppermost on his mind - not the health and welfare of New Yorkers.

One thing I've learned watching Andrew Cuomo in action over the years - you can never be too cynical or world-weary about his motives and actions.

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