Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Common Core As Child Abuse

From the Christian Post:

Parents in New York state described the anxiety and depression experienced by their children after the state began implementing testing tied to the Common Core in part two of Home School Legal Defense Association's documentary, "Building the Machine: A Movie About the Common Core."

The children are "blaming themselves and saying there is something defective with them and school is making them feel defective," Mary Calamia, a licensed clinical social worker who works with children and teachers in the New York state school system says in the film.

"They're blaming themselves, they're saying they're at fault. They're calling themselves stupid. ... Thus we get anxiety and depression," she added.

Rachel Gibson, a special education teacher and parent in Westchester County, New York, recalled that one child carved the word "stupid" into her wrist after receiving her test scores.


Calamia recalled that around October 2012, after teachers had switched to the Common Core, she began noticing an unusually large number of students going to her with anxiety, depression and self-mutilating behavior.

As a social worker, she had dealt with those issues before. What was unusual was the sheer number of new cases.

"The numbers of kids coming in were off the charts, and that's when I first heard about Common Core," she said.

The Common Core curriculum is developmentally inappropriate, parents and experts in the film argued.

Yvonne Gasperino, a parent in Westchester County, New York, could not understand why her children's school was adopting the Common Core, given that it is a private Catholic school.
"This is cognitive child abuse," she said.

One of the architects of Common Core, former McKinsey consultant/current College Board President David Coleman, famously told New York parents that no one gave a shit what their children thought or felt, all that mattered was whether they could get a market analysis done for their bosses.

That's the spirit behind Common Core - no thoughts or feelings, just get the widget work done.

No wonder some children are crying, falling into depression and hurting themselves - they're being abused in school.


  1. What's "wrong" with the other reporting? It's from a conservative point of view...But there is nothing wrong with it....I'm not a conservative, but I know many liberal and moderate parents who have complaints with what common core "instruction" is doing to their children.

  2. Randi Weigarten supports and promotes the Common Core which is child abuse. Randi sold out to Bill Gates.randi does not represent the well bing of children , the well being of teachers and the survival of the public school system . Randi is a leader in the corporatization of the education system. She will make things happen for charter school growth and success through her betrayal.

  3. The roots of Common Core stem from the United Nations initiative Agenda 21. It is a global effort to build a progressive environmental value system in today’s children and in future generations where individualism is frowned upon for the 'greater good' of society. It is an attempt to create a ‘global classroom’ where national citizenry is suppressed and global citizenry is promoted.

    It's a smoke screen folks. The rich and powerful know this. Did you know that Obama sent his kids to the private Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, MD? Sidwell does not employ the Common Core method of indoctrination. Think about this carefully. The president and his wife promote Common Core for the masses, but it is not deemed satisfactory for their kids. It's not good for yours either!

    The Common Core name has rightfully earned a bad connotation since its introduction therefore it has been given other names to mask its presence. Here in Maryland it is called ‘Maryland’s College and Career-Ready Standards’. What is it called in your state? Look it up here:

    You owe it to your kids to research this matter and do something about it folks. The info is available on the Web, but you will have to make the effort; if it matters to you. Learn more here:
    and here:
    and here:
    and here:
    and here:

    The philosophy in the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next. — Abraham Lincoln