Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 10, 2014

Kathy Hochul, Running On The Women's Equality Party Ballot Line, Is A Supporter Of An Anti-Abortion Evangelist

From the New York Observer:

The tax returns of lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Kathy Hochul–who is running alongside Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the Democratic and pro-choice Women’s Equality Party Line–show she and her husband donated to the ministry of Charles Swindoll, a Texas-based evangelical radio preacher with strongly anti-abortion views.

Ms. Hochul and her husband William Hochul, a United States Attorney, gave $250 to “The Bible Teaching Ministry of Charles Swindoll” in 2012–her final year representing the Buffalo suburbs in Congress. Ms. Hochul and Mr. Cuomo have spearheaded the new “Women’s Equality Party” line, dedicated to the passage of the 10-point “Women’s Equality Agenda”–which would codify an array of anti-discrimination statutes, as well as unfettered access to abortion services.

The latter has been a sticking point for the Republican-controlled State Senate, which has passed all nine of the other 10 points, but refused to support the final pro-choice clause–despite the entirety of the legislation passing in the Democrat-dominated Assembly.

Mr. Swindoll, a born-again Christian who serves as chancellor of the Dallas Theological Seminary, wrote a book entitled “Sanctity of Life: The Inescapable Issue” in 1990. In it, he rails against the early termination of pregnancies.

“Who, with a clear conscience, can sit back, say little, and do nothing while babies continue to be killed?” Mr. Swindoll wrote. “It has come to the time where the most dangerous place to be in America is not in the inner city where gangs threaten innocent lives or in angry prisons where only the fit survive…but in the womb of a mother who is being told if she doesn’t really want the baby, an abortion is the solution. May I ask? How would you like to be that baby inside the womb of a woman who isn’t sure she wants you to live any longer?”

Mr. Swindoll also has made remarks critical of homosexuality and pornography.

I have no problem with Hochul sending money to the evangelical leader with the anti-abortion views.

That's her business.

What I do have a problem with is Hochul running on this Women's Equality Party line, a jive "party" put together by Cuomo to garner support from women by pushing issues that are supposed to appeal to women (including unrestricted access to abortion facilities and family planning organizations) while giving money to an anti-abortion evangelical leader.

It's hypocritical of Hochul to run on the Women's Equality Party line when she clearly does not believe in the tenets of this so-called "party" and it is clearly hypocritical of Cuomo to choose her as his running mate while claiming himself a champion for abortion rights for women.

I can respect the opinions on both sides of the abortion issue and I have no desire to get mired in a debate over it.

It's the hypocrisy that bothers me the most about politicians in general and Kathy Hochul and Andrew Cuomo in particular.

Here's another example of political hypocrisy.

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