Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, November 22, 2014

13 Rape Allegations (Including One Statutory) Against Bill Cosby, But Whoopi Goldberg Still Defends Him

From the Daily News:

A shrill, backstage brawl at “The View” Wednesday left co-host Rosie Perez in tears while panelists Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell battled over how to cover the latest allegations against Bill Cosby and the racially charged upheaval in Ferguson, Mo., sources said.

O’Donnell believed the show — now overseen by ABC News — needed to delve deeper into both controversial subjects, while Goldberg wanted to steer clear of the topics altogether.

Ultimately, both news stories were discussed at length on the air by the panel.

“There’s terrible frustration and there are problems,” a source close to the show told the Daily News. “Whoopi didn’t want to talk about Cosby and Ferguson, Rosie (O’Donnell) did — how could you not? These are topics that are uncomfortable for everyone, but it’s ‘The View’ and it’s their job to talk about topics that might make some people tense.”

Whoopi was happy to bash "bad teachers" not once but twice over the summer, claiming teacher tenure protects them.

Yet she defends her pal Cosby - now with 13 public rape allegations against him including one with an underage girl of 15 - by trying to ensure "The View" steers clear of the topic.

This comes after she defended him earlier in the week and attacked one of his accusers, saying she had "lots of questions" for her.

Apparently Whoopi doesn't want to address any of those questions publicly on "The View" anymore.

Another teacher-basher exposed as a hypocrite and a phony.

Hey, Whoopi - if you have such concern for the kids, why not let "The View" cover the Cosby story, including the allegation that your friend Bill Cosby repeatedly had sex with an underage girl?

Good God - the show is supposed to cover the news.

The public implosion of the iconic Bill Cosby into sexual predator and statutory rapist certainly is news.

And like I said in an earlier post - you can bet if this was a teacher accused of these crimes, you'd be one of the first throwing stones.


  1. Goldberg is a joke. As in we're laughing at you NOT with you. And what's even more scurrilous is the fact that a woman would fight to protect a man who's used his fame and privilege to victimize other women for decades. Found this I think it's pretty good.

    1. That's a good piece, Sean. Thanks for the link. Puts a lot in perspective - both the race and gender dynamics behind the Cosby/Huxtable persona.

      People still want to look away from all this - I have posted three straight pieces about this, with an angle on the education reformers/teacher bashers, but nonetheless, still pieces about Cosby. Traffic's way down on those three pieces - which I thought might happen.

      I don't care though. It's important to call these people out on this stuff. I felt the same way when I left the comment about Cosby back at Ravitch's site a couple of years ago, even though it was roundly ignored by everybody.