Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Governor Cuomo Blames National Weather Service For Slowness Of State Response To Buffalo Storm

It's never Il Duce's fault, is it?

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Dozens of western New Yorkers are complaining about the conditions in their communities. Viewers are asking, “Why is help taking so long and why wasn’t my community more prepared?” Saturday night in Lackawanna, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it’s because the National Weather Service got it wrong.

4 Warn Weather meteorologists predicted the lake effect storm well in advance, but Cuomo said he is not satisfied with how it was forecasted, so the state is getting its own equipment to provide more data.

“Apparently they’ve been doing some of the main streets but none of the side streets, you’ve got cars in front of you stuck, cars in back stuck, nothing’s going on,” said Tony Darmstedter, of Lackawanna.

During a tour of Lackawanna on Satruday, Cuomo said there’s a reason the city is still snowed in.
Cuomo said, “I think Lackawanna by design was probably hit harder than any other community compounded by narrow streets, compounded by abandoned cars in those narrow streets.”

As far as why they weren’t prepared, the governor says the National Weather Service is to blame. He said, “It came down earlier than forecasted and it came at a higher volume than they forecasted.”
His solution? The state is getting its own weather system and each county will soon be able to monitor its own weather. The state is using $15 million of federal funding granted after Superstorm Sandy.

“I went through this with Storm Irene, Storm Lee, Hurricane Sandy, none of them were predicted where they were predicted and how they actually happened.  Accurate weather prediction is a big deal now, it’s taken on a new context now with this extreme weather,” said Cuomo.

A commenter on the WIVB story notes:

Umm... it was predicted well ahead of time that this snow was going to produce a lot of lake effect in a short period. I don't know where Cuomo has his head, but all news forecasts predicted snow in the feet, not inches.

I should probably stop comparing Andrew Cuomo to Benito Mussolini by calling him Il Duce.

To be fair to Mussolini, he did get the trains to run on time.

Cuomo can't get anything in the state to run right.


  1. Where has Cuomo been? I saw the snow forecasts on my television in New Jersey. Has all the Sandy damage been taken care of? Is that why there is extra money floating around?

    1. Pre-storm, Cuomo was in his darkened room, plotting revenge for all the people who slighted him during the election cycle:

      He didn't surface publicly, post-election, until the storm had already hit.

  2. Didn't Milli Vanilli sing "Blame it on the Rain"? Cuomo's an even bigger fraud than them.

  3. Unfortunately, the Buffalo snow storm did not happen before Election Day. Then Cuomo would have blamed the National Weather Service for his losing the election. Cuomo is a loser.


  4. They're studying how last election went in relation to Common Core. Curious as to what your thoughts are...

    1. Thanks for the link 4:39. With all of our pontificating against Common Core in the echo chamber of the blogosphere, the reformers are claiming victory once again. Are we taking one step forward and two steps back?

    2. That Nussle piece is spin. The key is not to watch how many are in favor of CCSS but how many are NOT in favor. That number is rising (ed deformers even helped elect a few pro-charter, anti-CCSS State Senators here in NY State.)

      As for the pontificating in the echo chamber of the blogosphere crack, check out the coverage of CCSS in the mainstream. And again, check out the trajectory of stories - positive or negative.

      We may be taking one step forward two steps back on many things - but I don't think the CCSS is one of those cases.

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