Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Teachers Union Leaders Sell Out Members Because They've Got No Skin In The Game

Sean Crowley left this comment on a post I wrote this morning about the need for the teachers unionr to get rid of their failed political strategy:

I think I like the idea of union leadership made up of full time teachers not lounge lizards screwing around on their ipads all day and flitting to different corners of the state for meetings where the refuse to answer questions. Doesn't PJSTA President Beth Dimino still teach? I think we need that connection and we need leadership's neck on the same block as the rest of us. Messner, Magoo, Palotta, Weingarten et al are useless. They work to fatten their own wallets and feather their own nests. They have no skin in our game. And that's a huge problem that leads to a lot of cowardly collaboration in place of bare knuckled unionism. No more executives, managers, coasters and loafers. The job is too damned important to be filled with idlers and dead weight.

Sean's got something here.

With no skin in the game, teachers union leaders think nothing of selling out the membership, then coming back to tell them that's the best they can do in such an adverse environment.

Why should the union leaders care when they've got their six digit salaries, double pensions, paid expense accounts and all the other perks that come with these plum gigs?


  1. Look at this down in Prince George's County Maryland:
    State study: Prince George’s County teachers rank low
    New evaluation system rates 6.8 percent “highly effective”

    Kenneth Haines, president of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, the local teacher’s union, described the evaluation as a fairly accurate work-in-progress.

    “We would have preferred a longer trial process before implementation, but overall we’re pretty happy with our model,” Haines said, saying the results mirror the findings of the Measurements of Effective Teaching, or MET, a nationwide study performed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013."

  2. The UFT is monopoly. It's doing everything in its power to keep the status quo. It disgusts me more than the DOE.

  3. Hoping to give Mikey Milgrew that punch in his corporate puss he was askin' for.

  4. I have pointed out in my blog how the UFT leadership is disconnected from the rank and file.=.

  5. I published a blog post in July about the history of labor/management collaboration and how it has brought us to our present crisis. "Which Side Are You On?"