Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 3, 2014

Election Eve Predictions

It looks like a Republican rout all over with the GOP adding to its majority in the Congress, winning between 5 and 8 seats in the Senate (though some of those may come after runoffs), and a NY State Senate that remains in the hands of Republicans and Independent Democrats.

Governor Cuomo looks like he is going to win re-election by a healthy margin though he should fall well below the 63% he won in 2010.

Your predictions?

State Senate turn over to the Dems or stay with the GOP/IDC?

Does Howie Hawkins top the 60,000 votes he won in 2010?

Does the Working Families Party win 50,000 votes and get to keep its ballot line for the next four years?

How big are Cuomo's victory margins and, as a corollary to that last question, when does he start dismantling the public schools system?


  1. Cuomo has a head start in dismantling public schools through his support of charter collocations.

    1. And his tax cap and teacher evaluation system and support for Common Core...

  2. Cuomo's victory margins will not be that big at all this time around. I know many of my Democrat friends and family who are either voting one of the third parties or for Astorino.

    My state assembly candidates are Avi Fertig and Todd Kaminsky. I personally will vote for Todd who is Democrat ( and endorsed by PEF)

    My current State Senator is Dean Skelos. Good luck trying to get rid of him.

    My current congresswoman is Carolyn McCarthy who decided not to run again. Kathleen Rice and Bruce Blakeman are running. I think Kathleen (democrat) will win hands down my district.

    As for PEF, they did not endorse a gubernatorial candidate because none would be helpful to their union, especially after the big book was released.