Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dr. Ted Has Left The Building

It took a little more than a day for Dr. Ted Morris Jr., charter school prodigy, to go to former charter school prodigy/current fraud:
Now comes the work of holding the Board of Regents accountable for giving approval to this fraud's charter school and using this fiasco as Exhibit A when Cuomo, King and Tisch look to raise or eliminate the charter cap in New York State.

If Dr Ted Morris Jr, huckster extraordinaire, could get a charter in New York State now before the cap is lifted or eliminated, just wait and see what happens after the cap is increased or ended completely.


  1. Now it's time to do some digging into John King's background, specifically his doctoral thesis, since his LinkIn page shows him simultaneously earning a law degree from Yale and an EdD from Teacher's College.

    Another so-called ed reform fraud...

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Michael - that will be my next post.

  2. It's even worse than I first said: because I failed to do sufficient "close reading," I didn't point out that King simultaneously was getting a law degree from Yale, working on an Ed.D from TC (I'd love to see that thesis) and working as Managing Director at the behaviorist boot camp charter chain Uncommon Schools.

    He's either a Renaissance Man or a malanthropist-promoted fraud, and I pick Door Number Two.

  3. What's refreshing about this is the role the internet now plays in exposing charlatans like Dr. Morris.

    Prior to the internet, there have been cases of university professors remaining in their positions for decades before it was discovered that one or more of their degrees was fake. The same goes for those impersonating and practicing as doctors, pilots, lawyers, etc. (i.e. Leo DiCaprio in the film CATCH ME IF YOU CAN).

    The internet now facilitates anyone with the power to ferret out frauds with lightning speed---as was done the likes of Dr. Ravitch, Mercedes Schneider, Peter "Curmudgucation" Greene, and others in this situation. (And also the journalist Justin Murphy. Let's not forget him!)

    Prior to the internet or email---and thanks to idiotic, lazy, and/or corrupt people in charge who don't or refuse (i.e. out of corrupt motives) to research and verify the items on applicant's resumes---charlatans were able to put one over on their employers and everyone else, for that matter.

    Thankfully, that's all changed, and for the better.