Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 21, 2014

Awaiting The Campbell Brown Denouncement Of Bill Cosby

Here's where education reformer Campbell Brown denounced the teachers unions for defending 97 teachers or school employees accused of sexual misconduct over a five year period in NYC.

97 teachers and staff accused (not convicted, btw - just accused) is slightly more than 0.001% of the teaching and school staff overall.

Still, Brown says this is a major problem and the system needs major reforms.

She has gone on TV and written about this repeatedly to educate the public about the need for reform.

Meanwhile fellow education reformer Bill Cosby has been accused of raping 16 women over the course of his career.

Every day now a new allegation against Cosby surfaces - there were two just yesterday (including a TMZ story in which an actress alleges Cosby assaulted her in the dressing room of the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.)

One commenter at Perdido Street School writes:

Where is Campbell Brown when you need her? Oh, she is only interested in alleged teacher predators.

Indeed, here's the silence we have from Brown on Cosby.

Another teacher-basher, Whoopi Goldberg, actually defended Cosby earlier this week, saying that she has many questions for one of Cosby's accusers.

I wonder what teacher bashers like Brown or Goldberg would be saying were there a teacher out there who had 16 allegations of sexual assault lodged against him, with a new one surfacing every day?

I bet silence (in Brown's case) and defense (in Goldberg's case) would not be the response.

Funny how that goes.

Brown's been silent on her another education reformer's alleged sexual misconduct.

Her husband, neo-con Dan Senor, sits on the board of Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst even though Rhee is alleged to have helped cover up her husband, Kevin Johnson's, sexual misconduct with employees of his charter school.

The hypocrisy of education reformers like Campbell Brown and teacher bashers like Whoopi Goldberg knows no bounds.

It seems any teacher accused of anything is guilty automatically and ought to be fired.

But fellow education reformers and celebrities like Cosby and KJ - they're entitled to a stonewall defense.


  1. Shows us how much she cares about the cause. It's only a cause if there's a chance to nail a teacher. But when it's another millionaire gasbag hypocrite it's cause? what cause?

    1. I have to go at the hypocrisy of these deformers - not only over Cosby, but also over Rhee and KJ. Turning a blind eye to your own cronies' crimes is as American as the Declaration of Independence. But I'm going to call them on it, at any rate.

  2. Campbell belongs on a milk carton on this one! Start printing!

    1. Especially around the KJ stuff. That's closer to her than Cosby, since her husband sits on the board of StudentsFirst.

    2. Had a colleague falsely accused of such improprieties by female students.Was openly mocked by the NYP and sent to the rubber room.for months, yet when the DA s investigation cleared him, not a friggin word.When called on their rank hypocrisy, Posties tried to go after him on his kids' test scores.Vile Scum.That rag can't fold fast enough!

    3. I agree - they destroy somebody's life, reputation and career, then double down when the allegations are proven wrong.

      These are some of the same kinds of people who hacked into a dead girl's phone, so we shouldn't be surprised.

      Still, it's good to point out what scum they are.