Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cuomo's Vote Percentage 52.6% On NY State Board of Elections Website

The NY Times election map still has Cuomo with 54% of the vote from yesterday's election.

But the unofficial results at the NY State Board of Elections site has been updating throughout the day and there's a different tabulation there.

As of 9:25 PM tonight, Cuomo has the following:

DEM - 46.04%
WOR - 3.25%
IND - 1.97%
WEP - 1.38%

The total?

52.64% for Cuomo on all four ballot lines.

The NY State Board of Election is notoriously slow and occasionally error-prone, so maybe their unofficial totals are not the most accurate totals at this point.

But if they are, then Cuomo won re-election with just 52.64% of the vote after having $45 million to spend on his election compared to his opponent, Rob Astorino, who had just $5 million and got no help from the State Republican Party or the Republican Governors Association.

Just imagine if Astorino had gotten backing from the GOP elites.

He might have actually made the election a lot closer than it was.

Then imagine if the union leaders hadn't threatened Working Families Party and WFP had given Teachout their ballot line.

Would have been an interesting election, eh?

But elections are often won or lost well before Election Day and this one was lost when the GOP stalwarts decided they would not back their own party's candidate over Cuomo and when the unions decided to force WFP to give Cuomo their ballot line.

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  1. I am convinced that Astorino could have pulled off a narrow win if he had help from the GOP leadership. Astorino won virtually all of upstate + Suffolk County. With more funding he could have carried Nassau and expanded his lead upstate. He would have been able to cancel out the NYC vote.

    Ah well ... hopefully he runs in 2018.