Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cuomo Blames NYSED/Regents For The "Massive Chaos" And "Utter Failure" Of The CCSS Roll Out, But Is Okay With Them Developing Evals

A Perdido Street School blog reader comments on Governor Cuomo's "The state test scores are meaningless for students" statement:

Another question Cuomo needs to explain is why he would turn over the development of regulations regarding teacher evaluations to an education department that had not done a good job in implementing his beloved Common Core Standards. You cannot make this nonsense up--NY State public education has been turned into one huge fiasco by the deformers. Every time they open their mouth they spout more complete non-sense then go off and hide until after another legislator is indicted (taking the pressure off them to explain their nonsense). Usually, they only need to wait a week, or two before they can stick their head out again!

You really can't make this nonsense up, as the commenter says.

Here's what Cuomo said about NYSED and the Regents regarding the Common Core roll out in June 2014:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted teacher evaluation adjustments remain a top priority in the final days of the legislative session, adding that the problems over the Common Core implementation lay at the feet of the state Department of Education.

“We’re working on a bill that would make adjustments to teacher evaluations,” Cuomo said at a news conference. “We’re literally working on them as we speak.”

Cuomo added it’s the state Education Department’s roll out of Common Core, however, that has created the effect of needing to change the evaluation law, which is tied to Common Core-based testing.

The state budget agreement slowed the roll out of Common Core implementation for students, and Cuomo earlier this year said he wanted to make adjustments to the 2013 teacher evaluation law accordingly.

“In truth, the reason we’re in this situation is because the Board of Regents and Mr. King didn’t handle it,” Cuomo said, referring to Education Commissioner John King. “That’s how we got here. These are problems that have developed because of the improper roll out of Common Core in my opinion. We addressed the issues with the students and now we’re trying to address the issues with the teachers.”

This wasn't the first time Cuomo went both barrels at NYSED and the Regents over Common Core. Here was Cuomo's comments in February 2014:

ALBANY—Governor Andrew Cuomo took another shot at the State Board of Regents Thursday, blaming the education policy makers for “massive chaos” that he said has resulted from their implementation of the Common Core standards in New York.

Cuomo said he agreed with a protester's sign that proclaimed there was no proof the Common Core would help students.

“Yeah, I'm with them,” Cuomo said, referring to the protester. “The Common Core is being implemented by something called the Board of Regents. I have nothing to do with it.

“The Board of Regents supervises the State Education Department, and I don't appoint anyone to the Board of Regents, either,” Cuomo continued. “So I'm sort of where the parent is, standing outside with a sign. And by the way, I would hold the same basic sign that the parent is holding. I think the way they have implemented Common Core has failed utterly. There is massive confusion, massive anxiety and massive chaos all across the state. It may have been a good idea, but you need a good idea, and then it has to be done properly."

The Regents and SED brought "massive chaos" to the state education system via their "utter failure" in rolling the standards out, but he's swell with them developing a new evaluation system on an intractable deadline.

You really can't make this nonsense up.


  1. Cuomo has a selective memory. HE is the one who rushed the adoption and implementation of Common Core through the Race to the Top contest that he was so desperate to win.
    Desperate to pad his presidential resume, back in 2012 when he thought he had a chance to be player on he national stage.
    Throwing King and Tisch under the bus he was driving distracted attention away from why it was really rushed into place. His hedge fund billionaires were also impatient. They are movers and shakers who generally want their ROI ASAP.

    1. Admittedly Cuomo was more expensive for the Koch brothers to buy than Scott Walker, but he is paid for all the same. What party does this guy represent again???

    2. Admittedly Cuomo was more expensive for the Koch brothers to buy than Scott Walker, but he is paid for all the same. What party does this guy represent again???

    3. REBNY and the hedge fundies for ed deform certainly own Governor Cuomo, that's for sure.

  2. NYS Senate Republicans feeling the heat. This item will be in tomorrow's Newsday:

    Republican senators mull response to revolt against standardized tests

    April 26, 2015 by Yancey Roy /

    While much of the Senate buzz has been about Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) and federal prosecutors, that’s not what the rank-and-file Republicans were wringing their hands about during an especially lengthy closed-door conference last Wednesday.
    It was the fallout from teacher evaluations and standardized testing.
    Republicans spent more than two hours discussing the spike in students’ boycotting, or “opting out” of standardized tests last week, and the heat some politicians are getting for approving a bill that more closely ties teachers’ evaluations to students’ test scores. Senators are kicking around ideas to address the issue.
    Skelos discussed the investigation briefly, said senators, who added they are solidly behind the leader.

    1. Parents whose kids boycotted the test should now form a second coalition. A coalition with replacements ready to take the seats away from the senators they will vote out of office. It will look like a slam dunk. Fast and deadly. Terminated!

    2. Thanks for that Newsday update, Anon 9:19 PM. Good to hear that these pols are feeling the heat. We must keep the heat on.

  3. Yeah, right, they are solidly behind the leader, until they aren't. What a disgraceful bunch of people lacking integrity making decisions that affect our lives so very deeply. On all levels, not just here in NY.

    1. They'll throw him under the proverbial bus if he's indicted. Look what happened to Shelly - they backed hum until, well, they didn't any longer.

  4. has officially stated on their website that they have spoken and now want new leadership at the NY Board of Regents.

    1. Which is great - they're not going for Tisch's misdirection.

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