Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Questions For Governor Cuomo Over The "Meaningless" Common Core Tests

NY Teacher has some questions for Andrew Cuomo now that the governor's on record declaring New York State Common Core tests "meaningless" for students:

This quote should be the battle cry of the NY Resistance.

Why are students taking meaningless tests?

Why are taxpayer funding ($32 M) meaningless tests?

Why are teachers evaluated using meaningless tests?

Even more important: Why are the tests meaningless?

 Cuomo is going to choke on these damning words.

One more question:

Why isn't this headline blaring from the NY Post, Daily News, and Newsday?


Great questions.

Let's start putting them to Assembly Members, State Senators, members of the Board of Regents, the educrats at NYSED and the newspapers editorial writers.


  1. People have to get out of their Democrat and Republican mindsets. I am a Republican who has managed state legislative elections campaigns, but I am the first one to admit that the Long Island Nine block of GOP state senators has to go. The problem is that there are too many people still voting to re-elect either their Democrat or Republican member of the Assembly and Senator.

    This is a war. OK, it might not be a "hot" battle but it is a fight for survival. Our system of public education and our very livelihoods are on the line.

    Any legislator that voted for the Cuomo education budget and the outrageous evaluation law it contains is on my permanent list of those I want to defeat at the ballot box. Period. There is nothing they can do to redeem themselves. I can never trust them again.

    I have already been speaking out in my community and intend to do a great deal more. We all have to do that. Tell our friends and our families. It is only when this band of traitors fears for their careers that we are going to get anywhere.

    1. You have gotten to the root source of the problem : the corruption. I will go a step further and say that the whole bunch of them are rotting the state from the inside out. I would like to see a massive group of groups get together (for God's sake we live in the internet age) and demand that they all resign. simultaneously. I'm talking 500,000 strong. The organization NYSAPE, a parents coalition, has managed to get hundreds of thousands of parents across the state to boycott the tests. We should build on that and get a huge group going : a group that will oust the ruling class. Ordinary citizens need to take back their cities. People should literally be up in arms. The billionaires have taken control of our entire country. They work in silence. They pay politicians to secretly change laws to favor their financial ambitions. The rich are trying to build empires. We need to organize and fight back.They assume that the "masses" are too stupid to figure out what is going on. And that we are too short-sighted to realize what the master plan is. This country is being taken over, in every sense of the word. They are seizing people's property to build their empires. They are seizing schools, so that they are the ones to grab the taxpayer dollars. If they are not stopped, they will eventually control your whole life. We will be poorly paid, with no job security, and we will be bussed in from the outskirts of the city to come in for the day and service them. The whole bunch of them have to be removed, just like they do to teachers, terminated!

  2. check this out: