Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cuomo Goes On The Record: Opt Outs Will "Have An Effect" On His Teacher Evaluation System

Buried at the bottom of this NY Post "exclusive" on Al Sharpton criticizing the opt-out movement at his National Action Network convention is this:

Cuomo, who briefly stopped by the convention, also took issue with the opt-outs.

“It would have an effect on the teacher-evaluation system. But more importantly, it would have an effect where you wouldn’t qualify for federal money,” Cuomo told The Post.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is now on record saying that opt-outs "will have an effect" on his APPR teacher evaluation system.

Let's put this statement into the "Store Away For Use Later" file.

It might come in handy for the court cases.


  1. Governor Cuomo has become a pathological liar. The man is sick. When you study history and see legislative bodies agreeing with the madness of the executive you wonder how it could happen. We are seeing it in real time in New York State. Carl Heastie, Dean Skelos, Cathy Nolan and John Flanagan are all cowards.

    A close reading of what Al Sharpton said indicates that he really isn't against the concept of opting out. He is upset that no one consulted with him before issuing the call. He believes he is a state and national leader. You can bet by this time Magee has reached out to him.

  2. Governor Cuomo hasn't become a pathological liar.

    He is and has always been a sociopath who will do anything to promote himself and his career.

    Goes back to when he thought the anonymous "Vote Cuomo, not homo" campaign theme was a good one back in 1977.