Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Success Academy Raises $9.3 Million In One Night

From the Capital NY morning email:

SUCCESS ACADEMY RAISES $9.3 MILLION AT SPRING BENEFIT -- Capital’s Eliza Shapiro and Conor Skelding: The Success Academy charter school network raised $9.3 million at its third annual spring benefit on Monday night, according to an attendee, up from $7.7 million at last year's benefit. The figure was announced by Dan Loeb, a hedge fund manager who serves as the chairman of Success' board of directors. The event was held at Cipriani in midtown Manhattan.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries delivered the keynote address in lieu of Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was to give the keynote before his trade visit to Cuba was planned for the same day. …

“I stand here because I unequivocally support quality public education and that's what Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy provide,” Jeffries said, according to a quote posted on Success' Twitter account. “It’s easier to raise strong children than it is to repair broken men.”

Television host Katie Couric, Weekly Standard founder William Kristol, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Gregory Meeks of Queens and former Department of Education chancellor Joel Klein also attended the benefit, according to the attendee and Twitter posts.

Governor Cuomo had been advertised as headlining the bash, but decided to go to Cuba instead.

Success does not seem to have suffered from Cuomo's absence.

Over $9 million in one night.

Not a bad take.

Tell me again why they need more money and free rent?


  1. RBE, was Senator John J. Flanagan, Jr. there last night? Trying to confirm his attendance. Also, did Flanagan speak at the March charter school rally in Albany? I know he was there on the speaker's platform next to Skelos and I know he spoke last year, but haven't been able to confirm if he spoke last month. Can you help with either of these?

  2. Aren't these defers all getting 39% off their taxes for contributing to charter schools? Why else would they all be clamoring to dismantle our public school system? (Of course, destroying the pension system is another goal).
    Don't know if just anyone is eligible or if that Clinton reduction is just for hedge fundies and bankers. Here William Cala, interim superintendent in NYSA, speak to this topic and much more:

  3. This is the biggest hypocrisy in NYC today. These phony bastards including coke bottle glasses Klein are all a bunch of phony pieces of sh**. How in the world does evil Moskowitch dare ask for money and free rent from the city and get it!!!!!! What the fu** is going on here?? This is quite simply the biggest farce I've ever witnessed!!! All people with money to burn yet they cry poverty and take precious space away from the NYC kids!!1 Somehow, somewhere this bull shit has to end. These people are getting away with toooo much people. This is so disturbing I cannot stand it. Especially seeing that fake asswipe klein who after ruining the lives of many hard working teachers and educators he has the balls to stand up there and look innocent. This is garbage humanity at its finest. Karma where are you.

    1. Great post. Not only do these fake charter creeps take away space from our kids in NYC schools but they are taking away office space from our school which "shares" the space