Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lawmakers Are Paying Attention To The Barrage Of Emails, Calls And Visits They're Getting Over Education Policy

Lawmakers are paying attention to the anger out there over the Endless Testing regime and the state's education reform agenda:

“Upon returning from a two-week break, the Senate Republican majority met behind closed doors on Wednesday to discuss the ‘barrage of e-mails, visits [and] phone calls’ members have gotten from constituents regarding education policy changes that were included in the state budget, education committee chair John Flanagan said. The conference began having ‘extensive conversations’ about a bill dubbed the ‘Common Core parental refusal act,’ sponsored by Senator Terrence Murphy, a new Republican member from the lower Hudson Valley. The bill would require school districts to notify parents of their right to refuse Common Core-aligned tests.”

Yes, they're paying attention to the opt-out numbers, the social media barrages, the visits/emails/phone calls.

Now whether they do anything of consequence is a different matter.

I'm skeptical about that, as I wrote earlier.

These politicians have been softened up by the sheer intensity of the test opposition and anger over Cuomo's reform agenda that many voted for .

But so far, not one Albany politician has paid a political price for supporting the Endless Testing regime, Common Core or Cuomo's deform agenda.

No doubt the pols are listening but I'm not sure they're really had any "Come To Jesus" moments over this yet.

Until a political price is paid for supporting the Endless Testing regime, the Common Core or Cuomo's deform agenda, I suspect that we'll get more lip service out of our Albany politicians than actual change.

It's going to take one or two of these politicians getting taken out in a primary or general election for them to see that supporting deform can cost them politically.


  1. I have spoken with friends about showing up at Senator Flanagan's "town hall" meetings this year and asking a barrage of questions about his votes against teachers and public education and his cheerleading for charter schools and the contributions he reaps from the charter crowd.

    All of us have to call, send e-mails and otherwise keep expressing our outrage at these traitors.

  2. Flanagan is afraid to show his face in his own district. He is under fire for education issues but also does not want to deal with questions related to his amended financial disclosure forms and his subpoena concerning the Skelos investigation.

  3. I would like to wait for actual changes from their policies, not just empty promises. I am also skeptical about the situation. And if you take the issue of changing the government, I am ready to send a professional nursing resume to nominate my candidacy.