Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Regents Chancellor Tisch Sows Discord On Board Of Regents

I missed this Ken Lovett piece from yesterday but I don't want the day to get away from me today without posting something on it:

State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch has raised the ire of a number of colleagues on the education policy-setting board — a divide that could affect the selection of a new education commissioner and the implementation of education reforms.

Several regents believe Tisch has been circumventing the board when it comes to expressing positions on key issues like testing and teacher evaluations.

“As a board, I feel we’re being marginalized,” said one regent. “We have to address that.”

The unnamed regent goes on to say the search to replace former NYSED Commissioner King isn't going so well, in part because Tisch has sowed discord on the board.

The Lovett article then ends with this:

“This is the weakest I’ve seen her,” the regent said.

Something to think about as the battle over the Cuomo/Tisch/NYSED education reform agenda rages on.


  1. It certainly appeared that Tisch has lost the confidence of at least of the Regents. It's a good bet that she will lose more backing at the weeks and months pass.

    It will be interesting to see how much noise the Regents make over the APPR plan that Cuomo steamrolled through. Carl Heastie is not eating any crow yet. His members will have to set him straight after feeling some heat.

    Not one of the senators that I wrote to has responded.

    1. my senator responded with a long winded letter about how he had signed on to last year's legislation that would discount testing for teacher evals and about understanding teacher's upset because his daughter is a teacher - BUT... he still signed the legislation. My assembly persons, thankfully did not!

  2. APPR was signed into law. The regents can't do much of anything to make meaningful changes to it.

  3. Tisch is the lamest of ducks. Trying to fly with two broken wings--as all understand absent Sheldon Silver she is done. Check out Heastie's honest remarks from this AM. Look for greater resistance to her goofy agenda to emerge as others on the Board of Regents fully grasp that she will not be returning. All we can hope is that someone emerges who is supportive of public education to be our next Chancellor.

  4. Heastie is either a liar; an incompetent or trying to shift the blame already. He is far from honest. He acts as if the Regents can devise an APPR when their hands are substantially tied. The politicians want to make the Regents look at the bad guys.

  5. Tisch will be out soon

  6. Merryl, unfortunately, has gone off her meds with predictable results.

    I've learned not to predict political outcomes more than a few weeks out in this City and State but I feel pretty comfortable asserting that the empearled and quite confused Chancellor will retire when her term expires next year or face some very real opposition for re-election by the Legislature next year.

    I think everyone needs to keep sending very strongly-written messages to State Senators and Assemblymembers about the consequences they will suffer for their vote on this year's budget. I wrote to Assemblymember Gary Pretlow with this message and can hardly expect a reply but we all must be doing this with our own state elected officials:

    "Dear Assemblymember Pretlow:

    Many members of the Assembly said that they voted for the budget with 'heavy hearts' because it included so many of the governor's anti-teacher proposals.

    I don't know what condition your heart was in when you voted for the budget but as a retired teacher I reproach you for that vote.

    You probably justify it as a vote for 'the best you could get' for a budget.

    I justify it as a reason to vote against you for re-election next year.

    Harris Lirtzman
    Yonkers, NY

  7. Hey Merryl

    Why don't you go back to your country club and leave us peasants alone?

  8. Look at the Malatras letter she wrote and you will see her fingerprints on the teacher evaluation. It is called develop the questions, get the answers... Feed them to the Governor and have the Governor accept your ideas and put them into law! Do you think that the public is not aware of your gaming process. You are more transparent than you think! Blame the Governor for owning her ideas, but put the blame where it belongs.