Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

State Senator John Flanagan Treats Public Education Like A Game

His words, not mine:

ALBANY—The State Senate may not extend mayoral control of New York City schools, let alone make it permanent, according to a prominent Republican senator.

Mayoral control in New York City and possibly other cities will be a prominent issue during the rest of the legislative session.

Some education reform advocates are advocating that the renewal of mayoral control in the city be linked to lifting or eliminating the state’s cap on charter schools.

“The games are beginning right now in earnest,” Flanagan said during the interview.

The games?

What is this, the Olympics?

I understand GOP senators want to stick it to de Blasio for trying to turn the State Senate to the Dems, so they're looking to extract some blood from de Blasio in exchange for a renewal of mayoral control.

But really, to say "the games are beginning right now in earnest," that really puts into perspective what Flanagan thinks about public education and education policy.

It's all a "game" to him.

You can be sure if this were Mayor Bloomberg looking for the renewal - you know, the same Mayor Bloomberg that gave all that money to Senate Republicans - he'd be treating mayoral control renewal differently.

George Carlin used to say, language always gives you away.

The language that Flanagan's using here certainly does.


  1. Expect to see something in the newspaper about Flanagan rather soon, compliments of Bill de Blasio and the most powerful Democratic Party organization in the USA. If the mayor doesn't squash Senator Flanagan it will be amazing; simply amazing.

  2. What a phony Flanagan is...heard him on a statewide radio show yesterday criticizing DeBlasio for not distributing fundin NY State sends to the city fairly. This from a man who annually insures that the "shares" agreement remains in place which along with the tax cap drives per pupil spending disparities to grow. AQE studied the disparity between high wealth and low wealth districts and it is larger than every before--and assured to grow under the tax cap. Flanagan is a lying hypocrite--I hope the first commenter is right and he gets taken down! I know he declares about $250K outside income from a law practice that was being scrutinized when the Moreland got taken down by Cuomo.

  3. Aside from the ridiculousness of Flanagan, who's probably on everyone's short list for the next Bharara indictment once they finish off Skelos, popping his head up whenever he can, a lot of my friends in Edu-World will claim that the failure to extend mayoral control or to restrict it significantly will be because the "DOE is now being run by a Mayor who opposes the education reformista agenda."

    There's something to be said for that but this ain't nothing but good, ol' political payback of the sort that's been done by one group of politicians to another ever since the Greeks. Like it or not, everything is a "game" to these folks and Flanagan just happened to let the public hear the sound of sausage being made up in Albany, let alone the sight of it, which will come shortly...