Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How Dare Cuomo Say He Cares More About Students Than Teachers Do?

Governor Cuomo claims he cares about kids while teachers only care about their jobs and pensions:


During a radio interview, Mr. Cuomo declared victory, too, saying “the most formidable political forces in Albany, the teachers unions,” were disrupted by his agenda.

“You know who I represent most of all, and who you should be concerned with as a taxpayer most of all?” he added. “The kids.”

He cares about the kids?

Who's he kidding?

He doesn't seem to care much for even his own:


The Kennedys say the future governor spent family vacations when his children were young on the phone hammering out policy, and even in recent years watched his daughter’s high school soccer games from the inside of his black SUV, parking at one end of the soccer field and rolling down the windows instead of cheering from the stands like the other parents.

It infuriates me that Cuomo is allowed to get away with framing teachers as an "industry" who only care for their jobs and pensions while he cares about and is responsible for the children of this state.

This is a governor who has refused to properly fund the education system as required by the courts or the law.

This is a governor who has worked his hardest to ensure the school system in New York State runs under the Endless Testing regime wherein children are subjected to endless hours of test prep to get ready for the all-mighty state tests that are now tied to school closures, teacher firings and tenure.

This is a governor who has not visited a public school classroom in three years, not even for a photo op, even as he claims to care so much for children and understand so much about the education system.

Finally this is a guy who, if the Shnayerson biography is to be believed, isn't all that interested in his own kids but he's got the chutzpah to tell teachers that he cares more about their students than they do.

How dare he?

You want to know what I do as a teacher, Governor?

See here.

You want to know what some other teachers do in New York?

See here.

Tell us again, oh great man too busy to spend time with his children or visit a public school, how you care more about the kids than teachers do.


  1. If you were fortunate enough right now to be standing over George Orwell’s grave in the sweet garden of the churchyard at Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, you would hear, piercing the roar of his revolving corpse, a plaintive, despairing voice crying out: “Bury me deeper. Now. Please.”

    1. Any answer to my previous question: Does this awful reform package include the provision that no student shall be assigned a teacher rated ineffective two years in a row? Did that make it in the bill?


    2. Sorry, haven't had a chance to look. I'll look tomorrow.