Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, April 20, 2015

What Gets Done With Dean Skelos Under Federal Investigation?

Not much, writes Ken Lovett:

With state lawmakers due back in Albany on Tuesday after a three-week break, many expect the probe into Skelos will cause paralysis for the remainder of the legislative session.

Issues such as the expiring laws governing rent regulation and mayoral control over New York City schools will have to be addressed, but most expect little else of consequence to get done.

Some close to Gov. Cuomo say he’s likely not thrilled at the prospect of having to negotiate with Skelos with a possible indictment looming.

Quite frankly, given the damage already done by Cuomo and the legislature, the less they do for the rest of the session, the better.

Lovett writes that rent regulation and mayoral control of NYC schools have to be addressed, but I would bet the charter cap gets lifted too.

No matter how "paralyzed" Albany is, I bet they're not so paralyzed that they can't give Eva Moskowitz and the rest of the charter school entrepreneurs and their hedge fund supporters what they want.


  1. Hey RBE - What gives? Wasn't Cuomo supposed to headline tonight's Success Academy Charter Schools gala at Cipriani? Isn't Cuomo in Cuba?

    1. Yes, Cuomo decided to skip the Success gala. But as the commenter below posted, his was originally slated to headline it, as reported by Capital NY.

  2. Monday, February 2, 2015

    Cuomo To Headline Success Academies Benefit

    From the Capital NY Education Update:

    CUOMO TO HEADLINE SUCCESS ACADEMY BENEFIT—Capital’s Eliza Shapiro: Governor Andrew Cuomo will be the keynote speaker at Success Academy's annual spring benefit this April, according to an invite sent to Success employees this weekend. Cuomo and Success C.E.O. Eva Moskowitz officially became allies last winter, when Cuomo stepped into a battle between Moskowitz and Mayor Bill de Blasio, declaring he would ‘save charter schools’ at a massive Albany rally partially organized by Success. The event will be held April 20 at Cipriani 42nd Street in Manhattan, and will be co-chaired by Success board members Campbell Brown, Daniel Loeb, Joel Greenblatt, and Regina and John Scully.

    That event will come after the budget deadline, when Cuomo is expected to push for an increase to the charter cap, more money to charter schools and a host of new mandates to public schools that charters are free from.

    Given all the money the Success people and other charter supporters have handed to Cuomo, it's the least he can do to give a little back.

  3. RBE, can you provide a link or point me in the right direction to opt out figures by district for the 2014 state tests? I would appreciate it.

    1. United To Counter The Core has been tabulating the district results. I read that they were a little under in their estimation of opt outs last year, so I believe they are being cautious in their tabulations. But "official" stats won't come until later.

  4. Yes, I want to compare 2014 to the 2015 stats for certain districts.

    Also, John Flanagan had his press spokesman drive up to a local newspaper office and go in and get a complimentary copy of the paper while the senator "hid" in the vehicle. Talk about not wanting to show his face!! He also won't return reporters' calls about the huge number of opt-outs in his senatorial district. Coward.


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