Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cathie Black: I Wouldn't Send MY Kids To NYC Public Schools

Cathie Black continues to say very stupid things:

Even as she takes the helm of the Department of Education, incoming Chancellor Cathie Black still isn't sure if she'd send her own kids to city public schools.

Black acknowledged yesterday that public schools have improved in the 15 years since she sent her two kids to a Connecticut boarding school. But when asked if she would let her kids attend city schools now, she couldn't say for certain.

"I don't know what we would be doing. I would love to look at all of the schools," said Black, whose local elementary school is highly regarded Public School 6 on the upper East Side. "It's about choice for parents."

In a wide-ranging meeting before the Daily News Editorial Board, Joel Klein's successor discussed her misgivings about lifetime teacher tenure, as well as being "bowled over" by the cleanliness of schools she has visited.

She dodged a question on whether the small class size at The Kent School in Connecticut - 12 kids per teacher, according to Board School Review - was the reason that she chose it for her now-college-aged son and daughter.

She did say, however, that the city did not have "the option of having 15 or 16 kids in most classes. ... What I have heard over and over from the people I've encountered so far is that the most important thing is a really good teacher."

Uh, huh - but you sent your kids to a school where the class size was 12.

And you wouldn't say whether you would send your kids to NYC public schools which means you wouldn't.

Great way to start your tenure as chancellor!

The school system is so bad that I wouldn't send my kids to it.

Class size doesn't matter, but I sent my kids to a school with 12 to a class.

What a hypocrite.

But nothing new for the ed deform world.

Geoffrey "It's Always About Me" Canada also says class size doesn't matter, but he keeps class sizes at the Harlem Children's Zone at 15.

When will somebody in the press call these hypocrites on this stuff?

Well, actually the Daily News has been doing a pretty good job calling Cathie Black on her bullshit.

And judging by all the stupid stuff she says, she really is loaded with a bunch of it.


  1. She is, however, "bowled over", by the cleanliness of city schools. Too bad she didn't visit my school last year where faculty toilets were so horrible I had to email the boss, Joe Klein himself, and he had a group come in to repair it. I was "bowled over". Read the thread below...

    From: concerned teacher
    Sent: Fri 9/18/2009 3:38 PM
    To: Klein Joel I.
    Subject: swine flu prevention

    Chancellor Klein,

    I just read Cara Metz's article in the UFT paper regarding swine flu preparations by the DOE and I want to say my school X-- does not have bathroom keys for the staff, the soap dispenser is often empty, as well as empty paper towel dispensers and the faucets work so poorly that my pants will get soaked if I don't stand on the side. The toilet seat is broken and the general cleanliness is sickening. What happened to basic hygiene? I bet you wouldn't use our bathroom.

    So what is the point of spreading more untruths that the city and the UFT are going to begin preventive measures to protect us from swine flu, or is it for only those selected schools with concerned principals looking out for their staff!

    Yours Truly....ct

    two days later.....I sent this email to Klein

    Chancellor Klein,

    By divine intervention or coincidence the faucets and toilets were fixed and soap was provided. There are still no paper towels and we still haven't keys, but if you had something to do with this we are getting some results. We thank you.

    and Klein's response!!!!!!

    We'll keep working on it until it's right.

    From: Klein Joel I.
    Sent: Mon Sep 21 14:11:57 2009
    Subject: FW: swine flu prevention

    Oy Vay!

  2. Oy Yay indeed!

    But I suspect Klein doesn't wash his hands after.

    He looks like that kind of guy, you know?