Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cathie Black Says Even MORE Stupid Stuff

My God, does Cathie Black never let up? Here's her latest gaffe:

Cathie Black – The awkward roll-out continues. After the revelation that charter school magnate Geoffrey Canada, not Black, was Bloomberg’s first choice for chancellor, Black’s citywide school tour has continued along at a bumpy pace. She has breezed through a number of schools, spending less than an hour at some and leaving principals with a blurry impression rather than a clear picture of their future boss. She has yet to visit any failing schools or schools slated for closure, and press access to these visits have been spotty and inconsistent. And then, the coup de grace: she tells a group of Crown Heights sixth graders that if they are lucky, they can all get jobs in the burgeoning Chinese media market someday. Wasn’t Black brought on as chancellor to improve the schools so that we could prevent U.S. jobs going to China?

If Black had been chancellor back in the 80's, she would have told students if they were lucky, they would all get jobs with Sony or Mitsubishi over in Japan.

And, after 15 years of a stagnant Japanese economy, those students would be unemployed Sony or Mitsubishi workers!

Now she's promoting working in China as the goal to shoot for?

Jesus - she's dumb.

Seriously - NOBODY could say all the stupid things she says and not be one of the dumbest people on the planet.

Maybe she's the Peter Sellers character from Being There?


  1. She's dumb and she is the chancellor of NYC schools. Welcome to the Banana Republic.

    Check out this one :

    Ain't it great?

  2. No, it's not great that stupidity, cluelessness, and lack of true leadership is the order of the day, the cat's meow, the "value" du jour. I am so dismayed, I am thinking about emigration after a certain point, but to where? Israel is a violent but more socialist (caring for own citizens) and I am a citizen right off the plane. But I do not agree with a lot of domestic policies practiced by the Israelis; I am too anti violence for that. So I'm not sure about that option; notwithstanding anything else, the fact is that I've actually thought about it. I'm not sure what kind of America awaits my teenage son. Thanks for all the fear, not hope that I feel for our future. I'm afraid the future will resemble those sci fi action movies like "Thunderdrome".