Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bloomberg Booed In Harlem

Via Queens Teacher comes the story of Mayor Bloomberg hearing the boos up in Harlem on MLK Day:

NEW YORK (WABC) -- On this Martin Luther King Day, Mayor Michael Bloomberg just couldn't catch a break thanks to his new schools chancellor.

The controversy stems from Cathie Black joking about overcrowding in the schools on Friday.

"Could we just have some birth control here for a while. It could really help us a lot," she said.

But today nobody's laughing.

"Obviously, it was a joke. Nobody says it wasn't, but you don't make jokes like that when you have a massive overcrowding problem," Julie Menin of Community Board One said.

So today when Rev. Al Sharpton introduced the mayor at his annual MLK event, Bloomberg got booed.

"Come on! We're upset the choice he has made. You're choosing a business person to run an education institute," Gregory McMillan of National Action Network said.

"That lady he appointed - for education? She should never be talking about us black people need to stop having babies or need birth control," Sandra Hynson said.

In fairness to the chancellor, she never said a thing about race and birth control.

The mayor, though, deemed it bad enough.

"Cathie Black made a joke. Some people took it the wrong way. She has apologized. I think she'll learn slowly with time as did I," Mayor Bloomberg said.

This latest controversy comes as a recent poll gave Bloomberg his lowest approval rating ever, 37 percent -- but that was because of the big blizzard. His unpopularity today seemed tied solely to his new and controversial schools chancellor.

The excuse that Black was just making a joke is jive.

She made TWO offensive remarks in one hearing.

First, when she said school overcrowding could be solved by more birth control.

Next, when she compared the "tough decisions" she is going to have to make as chancellor to sending one child off to live while sending the other off to die in a Nazi death camp.

Sorry, the excuse that she was making a joke doesn't fly.

Nothing funny about either of those remarks.

Like Bloomberg, she is a blueblood who has NO CLUE that what she said was offensive.

And that is the reason why the joke excuse doesn't fly.

Both the birth control comment and the Nazi death camp reference were symbols of the larger problem with both Bloomberg and Black.

They have NO IDEA how the other half lives and they don't seem to care

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