Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Can Tell A Lot About The Politics Of Education Reform By This

Just who was upset that "Waiting for Superman" was snubbed by the Oscar academy this year?

Let's see - the right-wing Washington Times, the right-wing National Review Online, and the right-wing Andrew Breitbart site Big Hollywood are all upset that "Waiting for Superman" won't be flying home this year with an Oscar statuette.

You know, when I think about three places where I can see people who care a lot about the needs of inner city people and poor people, it's at the Washington Times, at theNational Review Online and at Andrew Breitbart's site.

Oh, no - wait. That's not right.

Actually, they don't give a shit about that at all.

They care about union-busting (indeed, the hack at the Breitbart site called teachers unions one of the most evil organizations on the planet.)

But now that "Superman" got hit over the head with some Oscar kryptonite, there will be no opportunity to use the Oscars to bash teachers unions and promote a union-free future for public education.

Sad Washington Times.

Sad NRO.

Sad Andrew Breitbart.

No word yet on whether hedge fund criminal/education reformer Whitney Tilson has been saddened by this news.

But given that he claims to have started his education "reform" career after watching the Davis Guggenheim-directed "An Inconvenient Truth," I can't imagine he will be too happy.

Oh, well - there will always be some pensions for Whitney to steal and maybe even some old, poor people for him to throw out onto the sidewalk sans Medicaid.

That's the kind of stuff that Whitney likes.

Incidentally, that's the kind of stuff they like at the Washington Times, at NRO and at Andrew Breitbart's site too.

Just how did Whitney get to call himself a "Democrat" when he so clearly fits in with the right-wingers?

Dunno, but I guess you could ask the same thing about the corporate putz in the White House too.


  1. Wall Street funds Democrats as their own form of political triangulation. They know that the Republicans will reflexively support their agenda, since it's in their DNA.

    By capturing the Democratic Party and making it dependent on funding from Finance, they get to butter both sides of their bread and make "liberal" postures.

  2. Where else in America can you find a job that gives you nearly 4+ months a year off and pays you for a full year salary, gives you pay raises for just showing up no matter how poor your results are and it's nearly impossible to fire you. It also provides you with a great pension/retirement plan that is all paid for by taxpayers? Someone needs to rain-in the benefits that teacher's unions have been accumulating at the same time our education systems have been turning out lower & lower quality educated students. It's not the teacher's fault but the system has gotten out of control as the unions have gained more power over the years. Republicans & Democrats need to work together to stop the slide of our education system. Every year we fall farther behind the rest of the world & all the teacher's unions care about is how much money & benefits they can get for their members.

  3. Anonymous: That pension plan is NOT "all paid for by taxpayers". Sorry, but I have been paying into it all along, as a percentage of my gross pay, and the fund manages and invests it on my behalf. Unfortunately, those crooks on Wall Street caused our fund to nosedive, thanks to the failing of Lehman Bros.

    The power of "the unions" aint' nothin' compared to the power of Goldman Sachs, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Health Insurance companies, the Chamber of Commerce, and on and on. Wake up and stop ignoring corporate hegemony.

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