Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puts Rhee And Ed Reformers Into Perspective

Can't argue with any of this comment at Politico from a reader:

Here is what another reader said:

Rhee is just the latest in a long line of progressives' educational 'new and improved'. She taught for a mere three years in a government program, touted her so-called accomplishments and was revealed to be all hype. This is how we got into trouble in education in the first place-by changing for the sake of change itself. Teachers, by and large, are not the problem. We have a country full of disinterested parents who are not held accountable for their actions yet we want to attach an onerous burden on teachers to produce. There are many variables for which teachers cannot compensate and many begin at home. We need to cut out all the frills of the modern American education and return to a laser focus on the basics. Concentrate more on helping kids to get a firm grasp on math and science and, for God's sake, teach them how to write effectively!! BTW, I am not a teacher but I have tremendous respect for them.

Ah, if only some people like this worked in, you know, journalism.

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