Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bloomberg's Staff Buries Man's Car With Snow

It's good to work for the King of New York:

A Manhattan man's car parked across the street from Gracie Mansion was buried under several feet of snow by Sanitation workers clearing parking spaces for Mayor Bloomberg's staff.

John Connolly, 63, a veteran magazine reporter and ex-NYPD cop, said he stepped outside to clean his vehicle on East End Ave. a day after Wednesday's snowstorm dumped 19 inches on the city.

But instead, he found an army of trucks from the city's Department of Sanitation pushing snow to the side of the street where he parked his 2010 Honda Accord.

"They scooped up the snow from where the mayor's people park and they pushed it to the other side of the street," Connolly told the Daily News yesterday. "I care because my car is buried under that snow."

A Sanitation supervisor told him that a crew would be back to plow around Connolly's gray sedan, which was packed in a mound of snow more than 4-feet wide and nearly 5-feet high.

When no one returned, Connolly said he offered a few men some cash to help dig the car out. The men refused, saying it was too much work.

"I'd rather just pay someone to pull me out," said Connolly, who suffers from arthritis. "I would have a tow truck come and tow me out.

"It was really inconsiderate," said Connolly, who has worked as an investigative reporter for Vanity Fair for about 10 years. "If you make a mistake, then clean it up."

He called 311 Saturday for help, but the operator told him his only options were to complain to the mayor's office or contact his local Sanitation garage.

"I don't mind the white stuff," he said. "I'm a citizen, I'm supposed to dig out my car - but not when you push all the snow from the mayor's people onto my car."

Connolly said he planned to try again today with others parked on the snow-clogged side of the street to remove his car.

Reps for both the mayor and the Department of Sanitation could not be reached for comment.

NY 1 had a story that said you shouldn't dig out your car and throw the snow into the street or onto other people's cars because you could get fined.

But apparently the city will not fine Bloomberg's staff for having their cars dug out and the snow thrown onto other people's cars.

Just another emblem of Bloomberg's New York - if you're connected, you get all the privileges.

And if you're not, too f@#$ing bad.


  1. I'm a little surprised, RBE, that you don't recognize the evolution of the new royalty.....Little Mike is one of them. Our local society, our city, is becoming the modern version of France before its revolution...the absolutely arrogant, self involved monarchy, and the rest of us, the "little people". Unfortunately, Connolly's experience is symptomatic of the new monarchy that now brokers power and influence. If he and the others trapped under the snow on that block could capture more media attention, maybe Mr. Mayor would care just a little bit more. Bloomberg appears to be devoid of any kind of empathy for what everyday people are dealing with considering the record snow falls and his previous failures at clear communication during the blizzard. He only responds when the media criticize him. He could care less....he's a courtier!!

  2. It would be nice to see the sanitation dept. throw the snow on Bloomberg's limo and see what happens!