Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ruben Brosbe

Gotham Schools has a habit of scrubbing my comments at their site, so I want to post this comment I put up about Ruben Brosbe:

Ruben created all the animosity when he agreed to write his “TDR reports are useful” jive in the Post. Ruben says these reports are helpful and can make teachers better by pointing out short comings. Except that the TDRs have a 35% margin of error if two years of test score data is used, a 25% margin of error if 5 years of test score data is and a 12% margin of error if 10 years of test score data is used.

Unlike Ruben, I am less enamored of allowing myself to be publicly evaluated with a rating system that veers between a 12% and a 35% margin of error.

As I have said before, you can be sure Bloomberg wouldn’t trust a company that has a 12%-35% margin of error in its financial reportings. Obama wouldn’t trust a political poll with a 12% MOE (let alone 35%!). So why should the public be given teacher ratings with these kinds of margins of errors? Why should teachers be subject to public slandering with false, inaccurate data?

The powers that be don’t say. Neither do collaborators like Ruben Brosbe.

Dunno if Ruben is just a naive young man or if he is looking to cash in on some of that hedge fund and bankster largesse his E4E colleagues have cashed in on (must be nice to retire after two years teaching with a Whitney Tilson-paid consulting gig!).

Either way, as a ten year vet who wants to continue his career in teaching, I will stand up against people like Ruben Brosbe who actively look to destroy the teaching profession by giving a veneer of legitimacy to a teacher ranking system that is error-ridden jive.

There - got that down.

What is it with Gotham Schools and scrubbing?

They must not like me.

Poor RBE.

I guess if I was more like Ruben Brosbe, I could get published at GS and not have my comments scrubbed.

Heck, if I was more like Ruben, maybe I could get in on some of the hedge fundie and bankster ed deform largesse too.

Come to think of it, why don't we ALL sell out like Ruben and his Asshat4Educator pals and rake in the dough?

Oh, right - I like to sleep at night knowing I'm not evil.

Maybe you feel the same way.


  1. Dupe or shill? Does it matter? Some people become involved in front groups (E$E) because they are useful idiots, others becasue they recongnize the efficacy of such groups.

    Given Brosbe's poor writing skills and the banality of his observations, if I had to bet money, I'd probably say that he's a dupe; not that it really matters, the effects are largely the same.

    The question for me is, why does Gotham Schools give a platform to such a non-entity? Surely they could find someone to parrot the ed deform line who can write well and argue a point. Or are they all Stepford Wives?

    It just demonstrates the power of the Big Lie, and people's eagerness to Believe.

  2. It's a hostile takeover by big business (publishing, tech, government/political) of public education wherever they can get away with it. I had a "conversation" with a friend's wifey last year, at her own behest. She's about 25, and a gilded yuppy from a priveleged background. She had a big position at Tweed at the time, no doubt because her Daddy was a bigtime publishing/journalism dude from out of town. Seemingly, "education" is the new "in thing" to do. A great way for yuppy out of towners to massage their humanitarian leanings of "saving the children from the evil union" WHILE seflishly getting ahead. It's a veritable massage fest. She wouldn't have been allowed into the Tweed building if she wasn't set up by her Daddy. The discussion quickly turned ugly, when, presented with THE FACTS on issues like tenure, and Klein's slander of ATRs and other topics, she blew uo and ordered me "out of her face". This is all about money and power, and if I had to assign a title to this movie, I'd have to call it "The Night of the Living Yuppy". These out of towners, are all jumping on the bandwagon to get in on the feeding trough that is, and will be public education. They are all looking to pass for martyrs, as they become "education leaders" simultaneously exterminating the existing structure, including older union teachers. Since the economy is shot, consumer purchasing power is gone, the academic/business/government corporatocracy has decided to take over public education, and we are seeing their evil methods first hand. I'm beginning to understand the feeling our native indians must have had when faced with their genocide. When all else fails, the power structure WILL LIE,CHEAT,STEAL, USING EVERY SLEAZY TRICK IN THE BOOK to "WIN"...Why? Because they are entitled to it, and what they want, they will get at all costs. Big business guys now want to get paid directly from the tax coffers of whatever is left of the working class schlubs. Wall Street, Goldman, B of A, Citi, and many other criminal enterprises have been doing it since '08...why not do it in education...? Why? 'Cause they can...So the issue of applying logic, and any type of an even playing field for debate on the critical issues of teachers assessment is moot, since it doesn't apply to these people and their evil desires. When all else fails...LIE,CHEAT, AND STEAL. "All in all, it's just another brick in the wall..."

  3. For instance...listen to Chancellor Black's comments on removing teacher seniority rules...