Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cuomo Draws Raves As "A Real Conservative"

Lower taxes for business. Lower taxes for hedge fund managers. Slashed state spending on health care and schools. Busted unions. Broken pension promises.

That's Little Andy Cuomo's message as he barnstorms the state.

And guess who it's winning raves from?

In Watertown, Hank Ford, the chairman of the Conservative Party in St. Lawrence County, was among the first to rise to give Mr. Cuomo a standing ovation when he finished his speech.

“He sounded to me like he’s a real conservative,” Mr. Ford said.

He sure did.

And he's the Dem.

Just like his fellow corporate travelers Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo has decided that the only people who matter in the country these days are the corporate criminals and the Wall Street thugs.

Pander to them, throw in some Reaganesque "government is the problem" rhetoric for the middle and working classes, raise millions from corporate fatcats and hedge fund criminals, and you have the formula for a successful political career.

But as the corporate fatcats and hedge fund criminals take more and more of the wealth of this country and leave less and less for the rest of us, the accountability moments will come for Obama, for Bloomberg, for Cuomo.

Oligarchy has its privileges, but there is a lot of anger out there and after four years of the policies Cuomo is pushing - when school districts are bankrupt, when old people under the poverty line can no longer receive Medicaid, when state services have been cut to the bone - come home to roost, some of the anger Cuomo is stirring up against public employees and unions will come back to him.

Payback can be bad and when you're demonizing opponents as Cuomo is doing, that payback could get ugly.

POSTSCRIPT: And just in case you think Cuomo is right and all those poor Wall Streeters and banksters are suffering terribly in the current economic/tax environment, here's this story:

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks reached their highest closing levels in two and a half years Friday, driven by a rally in the financial sector following stronger-than-expected earnings from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

The Dow’s financial components led its climb after J.P. Morgan /quotes/comstock/13*!jpm/quotes/nls/jpm (JPM 44.91, +0.46, +1.03%) posted a 47% jump in fourth-quarter profit, beating analysts’ expectations as revenue increased and loan-loss reserves were sharply reduced. Read more on J.P. Morgan’s earnings.

Shares of J.P. Morgan’s rose 1%, while shares of rival Bank of America Corp. /quotes/comstock/13*!bac/quotes/nls/bac (BAC 15.25, +0.48, +3.25%) jumped 3.3% ahead of its earnings results due next week.


The financial sector led to the upside, bolstered by J.P. Morgan’s report. Among the gainers, PNC Financial Services Group /quotes/comstock/13*!pnc/quotes/nls/pnc (PNC 64.22, +3.09, +5.05%) climbed 5.1%, Morgan Stanley /quotes/comstock/13*!ms/quotes/nls/ms (MS 28.98, +0.68, +2.40%) added 2.4% and Wells Fargo & Co. /quotes/comstock/13*!wfc/quotes/nls/wfc (WFC 32.75, +0.86, +2.70%) rose 2.7%

And the JP Morgan banksters paid themselves $10 billion in bonuses.

Yeah - poor banskters.

Why should they pay taxes on all those billions when cops and teachers can have their pensions cut, school districts can lose millions in aid, and old people can go without Medicaid?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Freeze on middle class govt. workers, while nearly 5,000 finance workers received ONE MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES THIS YEAR (see article below)...IN BANKS THAT WERE BAILED OUT BY SAID MIDDLE CLASS TAX DOLLARS ! ...IF THESE ORGANIZATIONS WERE HELD "ACCOUNTABLE", THEY WOULD PROBABLY HAVE GONE BANKRUPT, AND THESE BONUS BABIES WOULD BE UNEMPLOYED ! So, in Amerika 2011, the game is to loot the national treasury of its tax dollars to bail out incompetant and criminal enterprises called "too big to fail" banks...spread that money around in million dollar bonuses, THEN RAPE THE POOR MIDDLE CLASS SHLUBS AGAIN BY EITHER FIRING THEM OUTRIGHT, OR WEARING THEM DOWN UNTILL THEY ARE FIRED OR LOWERING THEIR PAY AND BENEFITS...isn't this just another form of gang rape...?

  2. Howie Hawkins, Green Party gubernatorial candidate, who placed third, was interviewed on Channel 1 last evening. Howie repeated what should be done in the state--instead of laying the little people off. Hope they continue to give Howie news coverage. He's been a voice crying in the wilderness, but I hope his message starts to circulate and that a lot more New Yorkers pick up on it.

  3. Howie on Inside City Hall Jan. 14