Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 21, 2011

Obama Administration Embraces Walmart

Another outrage from the Change We Can Believe In people:

In an unusual endorsement, Michelle Obama appeared with Walmart executives at a community center on Thursday as the discount giant announced long-term plans to encourage healthy eating, including cutting prices of fresh fruits and vegetables and working with suppliers to reduce the content of sugar, fat and sodium in the products on its shelves.

The first lady – whose signature cause is reducing childhood obesity and promoting nutrition and exercise, particularly among low-income families – praised Wal-Mart as a retail giant with “the potential to transform the marketplace and let Americans put healthier foods on their table.”

Their plans “show us that, yes, we can improve how we make and sell food in this country,” the first lady said. “It’s a huge victory for folks all across this country. It’s a victory for parents. It’s a victory for families. But most of all, it’s a victory for our children.”

As part of the program, Walmart plans to overhaul thousands of packaged food items by 2015 to reduce salt and sugar content as well as eliminate unhealthy ingredients such as trans-fats. In addition, the chain would help create a seal to be placed on packages which would help consumers identify healthy products.

The initiative dovetails with Walmart’s plans to open more stores in urban neighborhoods, including the Washington metropolitan area. District officials had resisted allowing Walmart to open stores in the city because activists opposed its anti-union practices.

So Michelle Obama is cheerleading the opening of Walmart stores in urban areas because they are claiming they will provide access to "healthy food."

Of course they will be putting lots of local stores out of business and further corporatizing America.

And of course no one should trust Walmart to actually sell "healthy food." Their idea of "organic" is to sell food sprinkled with pesticides as opposed to doused in them.

Remember, with Walmart, it is ALWAYS about low prices - for them.

But so what - this is about Michelle Obama and what an awesome FLOTUS she is!

Screw small business owners.

Screw truth.

Yayyyy to the feudal lords!

Yayyyy Walmart!

Yayyy Michelle Obama!

Makes me long for the days of Nancy Reagan, god help me.

At least she was upfront about her feudal lord allegiances.


  1. Last night, when CBS news was covering the Walmart story, they also showed the menu and gave the calorie count per person (over 2,400) for the state dinner for Chinese dignataries. While other sources placed the calorie count for the meal as somewhat less, that one meal was, at best, most of the total DAILY calories that one should consume. CBS also showed Michelle lifting her glass (looked like champagne)in the background, which I thought was a nice touch.

  2. Michelle "Let Them Eat Walmart Cake" Obama - ugh!

    I have to be honest, I can't stand any of the Obamas anymore - even ehen I see the kids on TV, I think, get them the F@#k off there. Enough with these (spoiled) children.

  3. Yes, I agree with you about the Obamas--I've been having the same reaction for a while now.