Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 28, 2011


I won't dignify Bloomberg's threat to lay off 21,000 NYC teachers in June - more than 25% of the workforce - with much other than to say, please go read this.

But I will say this - with GDP up and the employment picture looking brighter for 2011, the ed deform/corporatist movement MUST get all of their demands on LIFO and tenure THIS year.

Next year, the tax receipts are going to be up (unless Cuomo and Bloomberg continue to cut taxes on rich people, of course), so they won't be able to use a huge looming budget deficit as leverage against the teachers union.

They have to finish this fight this year or wait perhaps another generation to get the perfect economic storm they can use to end LIFO and tenure protections.

Mulgrew and the UFT leadership SHOULD know this, but just in case they don't, you all ought to call and let them know it.

Prices are up. Wall Street is back near 2008 levels. The economy is improving, albeit slowly. There is light at the end of this long, nightmarish tunnel.

We just have to survive this year without giving in to either Bloomberg or Cuomo.


  1. The Daily news article regarding Bloombergs recent threat has a very interesting reponse. According to this response the School Construction Authority has a 16 billion dollar budget. And 1 billion slated for a virtual school project. 16 billion? How much corruption and fraud do you imagine has transpired under Bloombergs watch? The blogger stetes the info is available on the DOE website..check it out

  2. Since the nature of ALL business in Manhattan is THE KICKBACK, I agree with thr previous post. Bloomberg is as dirty as the day is long regarding "pay to play" strategies. Isn't there ANYONE willing to do a wikileaks type thingy on him...?

    It's great to hear that maybe there's light at the end of this tunnel of torture. Teachers are under fire from all least "certain" teachers.

    But the financial crisis is FAR from over, and really just beginning...these sleazy pols will have plenty of ammunition to slander and terrorize us into the near to long term future.

    For more on the depressing reality, link below. Bottom line is that the bad debt fostered by the scumbag bankers, and pols, has been transferred over to the taxpayer. The average American taxpaying schlub is now the biggest debtor in the history of the world....while Wall St. and the corporatists continue to party at paradise places like Davos...We need an "Egypt" over here...long overdue...

    In our little piece of the planet...I think we need Mulgrew to turn into a knight in shining armor...or some other unknown, unlikely event to occur...what that might be, I don't know.